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  • George your basically telling lies in the EU social and making me look like a complete **** head.
    I think I stumbled on your profile while looking at a friend's profile. And then Kingdra caught my eye.

    Pokemon is for all ages. Some of the guys at the PokeCenter play the TCG still, I think. They have a thread for that. Not sure if you post there or not, haha.
    Hi there. I don't really know who you are, but I see a Kingdra avatar and that immediately tells me you need some rep. XD

    you got your wii now then? I finish lectures by 11 but I dont think I'll come if its nothing but Melee.
    Hopefully I'll actually be able to play you for once :P If you can make it then bring a sleeping bag if you want housing
    My nearest is Wokingham, Are you going to Tamoo's London house on the 11th/12th? the rest of the crew should be there, and maybe some of Dave's Gays
    I don't even know. During the 10th anniversary, I said I was going to do my sexy cyan name and Wobbuffet combo. I guess one of the admins thought it would be cool to make my entire post bit cyan.
    only google at the moment..we are making a new website and putting paypal on there but it wont be up any time check just for now..sorry
    - Nightmare! Ok, I'll get my trains sorted for that time and give you a pm with my phone number so that we can sort it all out.

    George IF ur coming bring the 3-way screw driver cuz i wanna take the springs outa this pad. Get in touch wit me man!!!
    Andy Says:
    I said i was gonna change my avatar but my intenet went down, and Calz knows my internet goes down alot. Reverse the infraction and i'll change it, i cant change it while im banned, thanks.
    probs quite late i reckon, dunno for sure yet, will do research into train times tomorew, bit off my head atm
    George i warned Willz & Brado about spamming in my thread, twice while u have been away and yet they have continued to do so.

    Im gonna request that u delete the posts and give them at least a 10day temp ban or im gonna ask a MOD to have a serious conversation with you abotu why u arnet dping your JOB!!

    Please thats all i request.

    I have, not much word. Seems like they're pretty much only Melee oriented.

    Thanks for the notice anyway.

    Hey man :D

    Turns out I'm teaming with Edwin as of now. Hopefully HE doesn't flake xD But, if he does, and if your guy does as well, I'd be happy to team with you as well xD Regardless, lets get some friendlies in at GT2. Too bad you couldn't make Kanye Fest :<
    Oh, didn't realize u were willing to pay for them, I was just quite happy to be rid of them tbh :laugh: shall we just say a fiver or sumthing?
    Yeah i'm alright with that, crabman may be driving the ppl im housing to the venue so it wouldn't be too hard for me to do :)
    hmm, well the actual drum pads remain the size they are but all the legs and stuff are detachable. I guess on one day I can bring the legs and the next I can bring the the actual pads but I don't know how you're gonna transport it all home lol :/
    Alrite man I'll meet you at the station. My number's 07810358828. See you tomorrow.
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