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  • It's a 10 credit summer program. Japanese (3), environmental science lecture on lake Biwa (3) and an internship (4). It's awesome here. I havent been to tokyo and I don't know if I will go because it's so expensive. I will be going to Kyoto and Osaka for sure though! I really want to go to an SNSD concert. I want to see koda kumi and ayumi hamasaki more so though :D

    I'll pick you up something small. It'll give me a reason to visit Canada again :D
    To be fair, they were still super glamorous. I am indeed in Japan. You want a souvenir?
    So this is random. I'm in Japan and I saw a commercial with SNSD in it. Something about deodorant.
    Hey man, just got some questions about competitive shooters again.

    1. So you metioned online tournaments, how do I find these?

    2. Do you know a good site to watch streams of shooters? I got some recommendations but it didn't have gears, mostly starcraft 2 (hich isn't a bad thing either lol)

    3. You mentioned there aren't many offline shooter tournaments, how come that's the case? And if I were to host them, what, in your opinion, is a good way to advertise them?

    4. Are there any fundamentals in shooters that I should know about? I usually find fundamentals in competitive settings always carry over, no matter the genre, even in sports. But just in case I'm missing somehting.

    And sorry about my freakout at pharaoh's tourney, if I had the money I'd actually go see a psychologist lool, I'm serious. Because this **** hinders me in any competitive thing I do.
    for the record my tourneys did finish, now stop making fun of me, ur not a bad guy and ur seriously hurting me.
    See you at the Coffee Time.

    I main Shiek now. Who do you play?

    I might come to Kyle's on Sunday or late Saturday night, don't know yet.

    Look forward to some MELEE!
    You're going to Kyle's?

    I'm going to be showing up on Sunday, or I might even show up at 1-3am on Saturday.

    Nobody besides Camilo will be sleeping. LoL.

    Anyways, I brought my Cube for the Melee station, but we might be short of televisions. Could anybody you know bring an extra one?
    just fyi camilo (weon-x) was one of the first people to call the spot in your car so plz plz plz give it to him

    i really want him to come

    SOrry I think to much. Hey have you ever noticed that some people's attacks look different? I,ve played some people and I could swear that their nair looks different or their sword is thinner or something. like pichu's nair(sorry but that's what I see the most) different pichu's look like they have different ears. from big, floppy, small, thin, mixed, somewhat random and yeah they all look different.

    It may just be in my head like most things
    I,m sorry I just know more about pichu. I really don't care if people know. I just simply refer to stuff as an ex. Sorry My mind if alway going a 100 ways at once all the time. I once fell asleep for 5 minutes and had 2 uber long dreams my mind is always diggin deeper into something and like in math I will give you just the answer but not the work going from problem to anwser with random ideas shown and junk. I,m not retarted if that's what you,ve been thinking I simply think faster than I am able to do things
    You're not uploading those matches anymore? :(

    I don't mind the mediocre quality, I would really appreciate them being uploaded.
    hey man it was ur wii at the back with the post it not that said save every replay right lol? would it be too much to ask for you to send me the replays i saved of my fox vs allys snake and moses marth
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