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  • Hey bro, do you have a skype? Mine is dothatgwalk & I'd love to talk to you about IC stuff! Delux is already helping me, but it doesn't hurt to get more opinions!
    Hey bro, do you have any tips on how to improve w/ ICs? I've been picking them up these past 2 months, and they are getting better, but still need a lot of improvement. Any tips as far as mindset while playing them and tips on what I can do to work on w/ them? What's most important to know as an IC player?

    Apex Shout out:

    Meeting you was like the highlight of my tournament. Your ICs were an inspiration to me when I first started and I continually learn from them even now.
    OH YOU

    Let us play Super Smash Brothers Brawl, preferably Donkey Kong versus Solid Snake.
    I now see why you ignored my request


    You may seem like a jerk to me, but it is merely because you do not abide by the rules of the social contract that people follow.

    Compromise and self-censorship are never an option.
    swordgard, my good friend. can you friendly me a few times at the tournament on saturday, DK vs ICs? (assuming you're going of course)

    also, preferably on a hacked wii so i can guarantee saving the replays (to my own sd card), lol
    Hey, do you have some time? I've got some pressing matters to discuss with you.

    You've got Aim, right? Is there any good time for me to try to contact you?
    Your Whobo block of text involving Rich Brown and Will and how we're degenerating our game.

    So... brilliant.
    Hey Swordguard, how are you ? C'est a propos des top 10 a Brawl ou plutot melee, j'aimerais savoir si tu serais pret de mettre dans ton premier post le top 10 Quebec melee, je pourrais t'informer qui sont les meilleurs, je joue régulierement contre vwin pkmvodka kage ect ect j'aimerais bien inclure un top 10 melee car bc de bon joueur pas connu qui y seront dans cela. j'attend ta réponse SwordGuard, bonne jounée.
    can you zip and send me your dolphin emulator folder? I can't find some of the plugins that are required.
    I would like to ask a favor of you.
    Although you don't know me, myself and the other R.O.B. mains would greatly appreciate any help. But I'd like to converse the matter over an IM chat such as AIM or MSN...do you have/use either?
    QUOTE=swordgard;11086109]HD recording on computer of brawl replay files is finally possible. Anyone interested in knowing how should contact me. Its tedious a bit but it works.

    720P+AA and everything, quality is beautiful.

    please do tell
    Not sure, give me a few weeks to test it thoroughly and make it user friendly.
    If by automatic you mean "All I have to do is push a few buttons and it automatically calculates ELO ratings" then yes ;)

    I have to touch up the program a little bit, but I'll get back to you when I finish.
    Yeah, kinda. Everybody's got a bias. I've wavered on the infinite's legality and I've been open to convincing in the past, but I have enough experience to see it isn't broken and it isn't degenerate. That's not good enough for most people. Regardless of whether it's legal or not, if ICs ever do well then people will always use it as evidence for why it should be or stay banned.

    ICs win with it legal: You wouldn't have won if it was illegal!
    ICs win with it illegal: See, you don't need it!
    ICs lose with it legal: See, doesn't make a difference, it's gay get rid of it.
    ICs lose with it illegal: I knew you weren't any good and couldn't win without it!

    Makes me lose faith in most of the community. But there are people on both sides and not everybody is dumb or has a scrub mentality, so I just take the bad with the good. When I did play Brawl there were some cool folks and some not so cool ones, some who cried "gay" every time they got hit and some who manned up. *shrug*
    I have to leave for work in like 10 minutes.... Don't have time atm.

    It's so hard getting ready though, it's frikken freeeeeeeeezing.
    ROB has a great camping game, two decent moves that separate the Ice Climbers(Dsmash and Nair) and good off stage game giving him possibilities to gimp. I really do not see how this matchup is even. Do not know if you can, but I would like to have some input of yours on the ROB vs Ice Climbers matchup. Click here! Discussion starts at page 18 if I am not mistaken. I know we are already discussing Marth, but the Ice Climbers summary was not writen yet, and your post may be helpful. Thanks in advance.
    Hey, hi! I saw your post in that Diddy Kong thread that you talked about Ice Climbers not having bad matchups. You mentioned Meta Knight and Snake as the ones who have advantage against Ice Climbers, but not big advantages. What about ROB? What is your opinion on the matchup?

    live until 160 i can do that tank ****
    i'ma down a three more times even if the first missed
    used to lose while mainin peach but i'm a main switcher
    if you want a good doubles partner teach 'em to your sister

    rob good players of their winnings, money ain't an issue
    extended my dimension cape there's nothin i can't live through
    claimin' that i cheated so you start to call officials
    but he ain't see me doin' it so he can't blow no whistle

    yeah i know i did your team wrong
    m2k vs gnes yeah we seen dawg
    counter pick stage, rainbow cruise i lean on
    bannin' brinstar? i don't care i still got 3 dawg
    same move in this exact spot
    still seein' success and i'm not smarter than a sasquatch
    goin' toe to toe i got you thinkin' that the match hot
    DI'd down at 50 and i gimped you on your last stock i'm sayin'..

    (chorus 4)
    game and watch is mad, fox mains they be mad, but tkd ain't mad, but everyone is mad

    know you got no options, mk isn't really fair, try to air dodge
    to the ground tornado will be over there
    it be over there, nado will be over there
    i ain't tryna hit i'm just swingin' at the open air

    and youon even have to ask twice,
    minute on the clock and i'll beplankin on ya last life
    it's obvious without him as a player id be trash right
    but sbr decided that they've voted for the last time

    stocks tied, no percents, hopin' i'll approach i won't
    up a up a up a nado, baby mk's gonna take it home
    teammates bout to die i'm metaknight, i can save us both
    all my **** is frame safe you can't penetrate my zoneeeee

    cause i'm so patient and i wait for you
    jason might have started it but you can emulate it too
    my design is so stupid
    my ****ty jab isn't even useless
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