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  • Probably because of all the biasedness and corruption all over like I predicted. Shame I was one of their best players, too.
    I like the boss music so far. I just wish I could play it though. My comp is kinda slow, and I look forward to it. Hopefully I'll have better system requirements by that time. I can't wait to bring my cute FO back in action. I wonder if there's actually Wind technics replacing Ground. I'd love to have a character that uses Wind, Lightning, and Light.
    Oh yea... that biased and corrupted site. I wonder how broken and screwed up it is there now.
    I still like PSO though, and all. After being abandoned by the biased BD and I left lame old BFC, I chose my own path, did a few improvements, even though I planned retirement months ago, but for some reason, I keep playing.
    It's mainly bout Uprising for me at this time.
    Well we cant take you antwhere so I got stuck with babysitting =P jk nice to see you too.
    whoa that's weird o_O
    I'd think that Butterfree or something would level fastest..
    Thanks. I know what you mean. I basically main PT because I use him most often, but Yoshi is my go-to guy. He's who I use when the chips are down.

    I forgot to mention that your Yoshi wasn't bad, either. I'd say to just poke a little more, learn how to snipe like crazy with Egg Toss, and most importantly, don't panic with his recovery.

    Basically, you can stall for several seconds before recovering, fight or dodge during the double jump, and use Egg Toss before and after using the double jump (and this is true with or without Tap Jump). Yoshi has the single fastest aerial mobility in the game, so it's very easy to abuse. Pretty much every character is going to have only one or two ways they can try to intercept you, so they'll be absurdly predictable if they try it.

    You'll do well with Yoshi, just stick to it. :)
    Fun games, man. You got my a couple of times... even got my Pokemon Trainer once.

    Your Kirby isn't too bad. A couple quick notes about the Yoshi match, though:

    -First, don't believe what you hear about Yoshi being easy to edge guard. He's not. He's one of the HARDEST characters to edge guard, honestly. You're better off just waiting for me to get back.

    -Second, Yoshi's jabs stop Kirby's forward smash and come out quicker.

    -Finally, trying down/forward throw combos at low percentages will always get a damage trade. Yoshi's double jump has super armor, so while I'll take the hit, I'll double jump and Yoshi Bomb on reaction, and we both take damage. Use with caution.

    You've got some real potential, man. Keep it up! :bee:
    Actually, yeah. Personally, I'd rather play someone who could probably beat me. I hate sandbagging.
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