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  • hey man i heard that u were an IC main so i was wounderin if u wanted to do some friendlies before that tourny that ur hosting?
    I just read your post now. If you still need someone from MTL community to come with you, I should be able to figure something out. Let me know.
    Hello Swrodgard

    I read the thread you started, though I read it too late. So I missed my moment to interject. I hope we can still work together on a Canadian league, it will not be easy, but it will happpen. It would probably be better if we make the league first and then post how Pownz will support it. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Pownz Gaming Centre

    I was about to answer it, but nah. If you're being such an ******* about it, I'll let you wait. I'm way overdue my time anyway.

    Read Bowser boards, ask there, I'm sure someone will answer you more quickly than I can, because I've got to get up very early tomorrow and have to get some sleep.
    I just moved back to MTL two days ago after spending a year in the Northwest Territories.

    I wanted to get into the scene so I was planning on hitting up Mtl weeklies next wed. What's ffyf? Tourney?
    Thats really weird. I got an idea however.... I can try sending it to a friend with a PAL Wii and he can upload it to you. Through WiiNet. Good idea??
    Hey, recently I began to create a comprehensive DI guide, so I naturally came across yours. I was wondering if you minded if I:
    a) Linked to your guide
    b) Used some of your formatting(for the character-specific section). I'll be changing it slightly, but yours provides a great place to start.
    c) Posted in some character's boards so that we could start filling in the empty sections?
    For your thread on DI, I have 2 things

    1. Link's bair has IASA frames, you say to jump after the aerial. Wouldn't that make Link's bair better then nair (Appendix C) (also why nair if I may ask?)

    2. All items help, including Link's and TL's bombs? Right?
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