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  • i stopped playing melee when my gamecube broke 2 months back. I'm trying to get a wii so i can get back to playing it again. Not sure if im up for tourneys though.
    i've been texting you and callin you and yur not responding. So i just stopped...or i got the wrong number...
    yo, okease tell me it is still possible for your tv to stay though? 5ive should be able to give it back to you when it is done. Please man, could you let me borrow that thing? I'm in desperate need of them to have the tourney run well, lool.
    video ruined the song imo

    ive seen the atf site before, he talks about it like every song
    Someone needs to put Doc in his place IRL.

    You should read the lastest Pownz Tournament results thread, you should find it.
    my msn is being gay Stos, so you should get AIM or atleast an aim screen name and use meebo or something.
    I had a thread on it a while ago, but it's wayyyyy back in the history of the boards by now. Perhaps it should be BUMPED wink wink hint hint nudge nudge.

    Or a matchup thread needs to be made, but those have a long history of never getting stickied.
    city is mine


    i like room for improvement more than his new stuff
    well empty stomach is what ****ed me up, and everyone i've talked to said yeah don't do that
    well I had a shot of vodka and i haven't eaten in 2 days and i threw it back up in like 5 minutes. I think empty stomach = bad.
    yo dood, I just got another vc technique! eat before you drink! It all came out of my system very fast >__>
    It was a joke.

    Post count is better high than low imo, especially when you actually didn't spam to get them.

    But eh it's cool.
    But what was the point? What did you gain from it?

    All those posts you made and time spent creating them, gone.

    And only n00bs have low post counts gosh :[
    i put that **** on my workout mix. That song is beast mode. I was worried cuz weezy has been doin some nonsense lately.

    but like, coming up? hes been there. ***** drake is blowing up. I heard him on every girl at the gym last nite, and i heard best i ever had playing on some girls psp at the court. like hes made it to mainstream america. Not sure if thats a good thing though. I hope he rubs off on us more than the other way around.

    I just realized how much toronto hip hop i listen too nowadays. Drake, august rigo, d pryde, jay renz...

    who am i missing?
    LLESSSSS-BEEE-HOOOO NNEST she wants me she wants me cuz i got it all tell me what you dnt see
    cuz we like her, and we like her too
    cuz we like her, and we like her too
    cuz we like her, and we like her too
    cuz we like her, and we like her too

    omg, get this **** outta my head.
    If you mean linking specific vids, yeah that's kool.
    If you wanted to link specific times in vids, and just wanted to make it convient, just use the time tag on youtube vids.
    I mean, you tell me where it's going and it outta be aight, but it's better to go as high as possible with these things.
    You cant. I can. Do the math. :D
    A new account is fine, but you probably want to
    1) tell a higher up (supermod/senator/admin) or
    2) request a name change.
    Alt accounts can actually get permabanned if they're not cleared, and somebody might just do an IP check not really knowing who you are (i.e., a brawl mod or something)
    dude why did you take down that video? It looked like it had positive responses
    alright see you there, crap i accidently posted this on my account too, now i look like a moron : )
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