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  • Are you free November 21st? We're going to a tournament in Mobile which has both Melee & Brawl. Only an hour from here.
    Careful you censor dodged on the link boards; I've seen enough people get banned from doing this and I learned my lesson.

    your censor dodge if you can't remember; "surprise b1tches!"

    you don't seem to post that much so that's why I'm posting this here.
    **** nvm but yeah i saw your thread and wanted to help you out over msn since it easier for me atleast.
    yeah dude i was gonna enter with IC's in melee, but i dont kno if im gonna enter singles yet since i want the thing to end early cause i have to go. im soooooooo rusty. i havent played competitively really since brawl came out. i have been playing a little bit just to get the feel of them and timing of wobbling down. we'll see if we cant pickup some things from each other on the 6th. i was gonna use shiek too since i dont play as much and she doesnt need a lot of practice to be on par with people.
    yeah im in nj for the summer right now but im gonna in pensacola starting around august 11/12. we should play when i get there.
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