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  • btw titans trailer wuz sooo ****.

    it made me wanna make a random montage. me and my buddy recorded yesterday.

    I have a clip of my link edgeguarding marth the second hit of the fair, its jokes
    wow k, so when u said " and **** could get weird unless they all down" i thought u meant it could get weird me posting random lyrics on your wall about my ex girl standing next to the girl im ***** right now.

    then i listened to the song yesterday n realized that is the next line XD

    ***** mutha****er, imma **** you Melee + Brawl. =D


    He was a troll, now he's an Admin! APRIL FOOLS IS SO JOKES.

    Azua is a Class-A *****.

    DUDE. MAXFIREXSA is back.



    Still, she's ****ing hot though, lol. :chuckle:
    Yo, did Azua change your custom title as a means of revenge?

    Lolol. SWF is so ****ing lulz today. Shiiiiiiiiiiit. lolol.
    aight so i was talking it over with my buddy sauc3 and we might show up to the next only in niagra. I really want to come its kinda close to exams but w/e f*** it I think we're coming. ^__^

    na i cant make that. Finals start the 17th and i need to hit the books pretty hard and its just too near exam time. :(

    Keep on dreaming, bro. ;)

    But yo, I want to face your Link.

    Next time we meet, we having Brawl money matches. Same with Desh. =D
    I would be lookin to do up and away from her just to live. When I see Peach start breakdancin, down doesnt exist on my controller. Only exception is if i want to try to CC the first hit so i get reversed and go the other way (CC the 1st hit, then smash DI up the second one). I dont try that **** in matches. XD

    But yeah, you want to smash DI up and ... whichever way you need to go (cause you know that you always go through peach on her dsmash, so) >.>
    Eh, my theory behind good DI is just recognizing when you're about to get hit. Like, if you watch some of my vids, you'll notice that if somebody's close to me (especially in the air), i'll randomly do a non l-cancelled d.air, or if im on the ground i'll be doing the most random walking ever. That's because I'm already DIing expecting to get hit (and for one reason or another I didnt).

    Im not saying you want to go to that extreme, cause link doing a non l-cancelled dair is... is oof.

    But my point is that you basically have ot KNOW when you're about to get it. As soon as you see that **** coming, get your DI in.

    The difference between the 2 is when you do it and what you have to do.
    Smash DI happens in the first few frames, and you have to actually smash the control stick in said direction to get better DI. You can do the multismash DI by doing multiple inputs during the hit window (like the chargeshot in the perfect control vid if you remember that).

    Auto Smash DI is just where your controlstick (or c stick) is when you get hit. Only occurs on the first frame, so your stick has to already be there. C stick out priorities control stick. (Cause nintendo loves the hit stick).

    So ya throw em together, you get your double stick DI.


    That the kinda help you lookin for?
    yeah i do. I dont really talk alot on the boards now cause it's kinda like --rolls eyes-- argh.

    But yeah, ever since i've been around, i've really been like m2k. Infact, if i actually look for some old old threads (like 02/03 threads) i can find back when we were both complete scrubs. When I think about back then, it's kinda ironic to notice where we both are now.

    (when I say we're both alike, I mean in the fact that we have nobody to play with)
    He's put in a ****ton more time and effort than I have, and things started clickin in his head llllllllllooooooonnnnngggggg before they did in mine. And even thought we dont live anybody he's always been a hell of alot closer to people than me.

    But hey, that's life. No johns.
    actually, no i cant. >.>
    I'da sworn you could edit your own titles, but if not, you'd want to ask like, a super mod or admin or something.
    I cant help ya :(
    Canada is to far for so many reasons,
    1) I already think I'm going to break up with driving, it treats me bad. 8 hours with it would kill me
    2) Money. I'm broke, and unless you guys give me first place (>.>) it's a no go

    Edit: Hav, you're not aurashade, get him to chase of nubs. Also, when was the melee community *****? I don't want to get in this so that's all I'm going to say.
    It's like telling someone who sings that they're great and should go on American Idol, only to have their hopes crushed because they ****ing suck. - Setting someone up for failure.

    Pretty much everything works in the same manner.

    You just said you knew everything I was talking about, but didn't understand 50% of it. Contradicting yourself now?

    I never joined because the people were *****es. So if I wasn't even participating, how could I have been the *****? I was what... 11? It could have just been how I saw them, but if I didn't see a point until joining in 2008...something was up.

    You should be able to figure out most of what I said if you read the sticky. QAC is Quick Attack Cancel, it's when the Pikachu uses up-b into the ground and cancels the end lag, either using up-B again, jumping and doing an aerial, or doing a special, etc.

    If you don't know something, be specific and ask.
    I'm being a ***** about it because of how you came off. You don't seem to understand the old/new generation of Link's, so let me explain it.

    Legan, Arkive Zero, Sasook, Bubba Pinecone, myself, Wafflez, Swordplay, and many others were the 'old' generation. Then novices and beginners started to infest our boards, ignore our stickies, and generally just piss us off. Not listen to any advice, and so the others just packed up their bags and left to AiB to avoid all the bull****. Now we have the never generation, and I'm sorry but I don't remember your name being in the list of the older generation of Link's for SWF. Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

    My advice is generally nice, helpful, supportive, etc. Check the Snake boards. I'm a ***** to the newer Link generation because they haven't shown they deserve to be treated with much respect, if any at all. They say they want to revive the boards, I'm trying to help but they ignore the threads are try to be smartasses about it. In a few days I'm probably just going to leave off to AiB for the Link boards as well, at least they're getting **** done.

    Also, I'm from the Melee community. I don't go to those boards, and never joined, because most of the people were *****. I know how it works. Also, I don't want new people who are ignorant and arrogant hence I'll be a ***** to them to make them go away.
    If you want the rest of the (good) Link mains to critique you, post your vids on our critique sticky at AiB. In fact, you should just move to AiB for Link like the rest of us did. ^_^
    i can change everything =p

    it's ok though, i can always change it back to smash master
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