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  • How was your C-day btw? I had a nice BBQ for dinner then I went to see some fireworks. :cool:

    I saw all of the new stuff from videos on YT. I still hate the endings. There were minor improvements yes, but I still have many unanswered questions about the endings. :mad:

    That sucks, I loved Mordin. Sure, he prolly does drugs (that's why he talks fast, right?) but he was funny.

    Isn't it like 1.9 GB or something?
    I see. I remember being sad during my play through when Mordin and Legion died. :c (Are there any ways to save them btw? Just curious. And yes, I managed to save Tali and the Geth...) It just sucks how doing those side assignments was a complete waste of time...THANKS BIOWARE!!! :mad:

    Hey hey hey, I did all the extra stuff in both ME1/2 so I had to do in ME3! Again, I took my sweet time so that's why it took my 59 hours to complete the single player and I have like 100 hours in the MP. =/

    Anyways, what did you think of the EC?
    Well, let me know what you think if you play it tomorrow!

    Only 16 hours?!?!? How is that even possible? Did you skip every convo and rush through everything like a mad man!?!?! :tytypoo:

    BW is ******** when it comes to nerfing **** in ME3 IMO...
    56 hours, I took my dear sweet time and I did most of the side assignment to max out my war assets and increase my galactic readiness. (Waste of time IMO since the endings all blow...) :mad: :mad: :mad:

    The online MP is mad fun tho. Quarian Infiltrator FTW!!! :cool:
    Nice. It was pretty cold over here in gtown today. :cool:

    Oh, and I beat ME3 this afternoon. The ending was ****ing horrible!!!
    I blame my parents when we moved to Ontario in 2001. The only bad things I can really say about this place is that we don't have public transportation and there's really not that much to do...

    And what's their name? I might know them. :O

    We should hang out one day lol. :p
    I see. You ever been to Georgetown? That's where I currently reside in. (It's near Brampton, Oakville etc.)
    Sounds like fun, I'll let you know if I decide to check it out one of these days!

    I'm now done 2/4 of the DLC in ME2, I'm saving the best ones for last. :awesome:

    And tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring!
    Isn't it basically like a Tetris clone?

    My first playthrough on ME2 took me 42 hours, I'm currently playing it again and have 35 hours logged. Playing "Project Overlord" right now. **** those turrets!!! :mad:

    Also, I hope you got my hints. :p
    Good to hear. And I think I played that game once. Which system is it on?

    I'm doing fine, I got all the DLC for ME2 so I've been playing that for the past 2 months. No money atm for ME3 tho. =/

    And it's fine, they had to make up bull**** reasons to get rid of me. It's k. I regret nothing.
    Yeah, I have it on Steam, I beat the game like 2 months ago. 699 deaths and 16/20 trinkets found later. :3

    I tweeted the creator of VVVVVV on Twitter about this and he said that I did pretty good! :)
    I've only had to shovel a few times, this Winter. :awesome:

    Also, have you accepted my friend request on the PS3 yet? :c
    You're so clever. :smirk:

    There's quite a bit of snow over here but I heard that it's gonna be mild for the rest of the week. I love snow but I hate shovelling. I actually prefer shovelling snow over mowing the lawn cause it's less frequent, haha.
    Wait, that works??? :O

    And is it snowing over there in Mississauga?

    And thanks! ZIO made it for me and I got Xiivi to upload it to the server. :3
    I also once submitted this assignment at 11:59 AM when it was due at noon.

    But I like to procrastinate...D:

    Like in college, I always had my Gmail, Facebook and YouTube open while in class. :awesome:
    I didn't know that you were so talented! :bee:


    What else are you good at?
    Valve as a company is like the perfect troll, making their fans wait an undetermined amount of time for ep3. :troll:

    I've actually never beaten HL1, I did get pretty far and I've only started HL2, yourself?
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