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  • Fact: Every time someone calls Gabe fat, he delays episode 3 by an undetermined amount of time.
    I'll re-install the first Portal on my computer one of these days. And think Portal 3 will have 4 player co-op?
    Ugh, just a cheap $5 one...it works fine tho.

    I've actually never beat the original Portal...kinda lost interest in that game. D:

    lol I have Google+ but I never use it, I only use FB to talk to friends.

    And I posted in your rooms here on SWF. :)
    What kinda mouse? and lol Portal 2 is sweet :)

    And I do have a FB but its been deactivated for the past year. I also got Google+ but I don't really post on there or anything.

    Never really liked the FB thing. :/
    Melee FTW, I used to be pretty good at that game till I retired from Smash back in 2008.

    I got a new mouse for my laptop and some new rechargeable batteries for Christmas. Then for my birthday (on the 28th last month), I got a free meal, Portal 2 for the PC and a $50 giftcard. :)

    And I'm assuming you have a FB?
    Same, I really wanted to love Brawl but I gave up on that way a while ago.

    How have you been lately? What did you get for Christmas?
    I have Super Meat Boy on Steam, haven't beaten it yet as it's VERY frustrating challenging. I also beat Uncharted 3 a few days ago. :)

    Lano, we should Melee one day since I only live 30 min away from you. :p
    I finally beat VVVVVV.

    699 deaths and 15/20 of the shiny trinkets found atm. :c
    I'll add you the next time I play PS3.

    Also, VVVVVV is pissing me off. :mad:
    Medicare Health Wellness Centre in downtown Toronto. Social media guru.
    lol it's all good man, how you been lately? You and I live pretty close to each other.
    It's from the manga Bakuman.

    It's pretty cool, good illustrations. It's about making manga lol
    That would be cool :D
    I should have all the basics down by the end of the semester in both the modelling and animation. I think it ends in March...
    Hey Lano-bro
    I actually just attended my first class for learning Maya
    I have no idea what I'm doing lol

    I'm decent at flash animation and 2D stuff :D
    K cause I brought melee and 2 controllers. more people brought gamecube controls too. plus 2 wiis and a gamecube
    Yo, Lanowen. There will be melee 2morrow at 6 - 9 pm at the college. Same Autodesk building. See you there?
    Consider it done.

    And by done, I mean done llololoololol.

    By the way, I'm going to re-vamp the chronological ordering based off the character positions on the latest tier lists.

    Should I? I would have to go by mains, so maybe it's hard to say...
    I have a problem sort of.

    I don't have any way of adding more characters to the overcentralization survey thread I made, and I was wondering if there was a way you could modify this?
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