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  • ok i dont have a complete orange one just a back for orange, i can put any front you want

    i have plenty complete indigos
    Yea ill let u try them out
    Stiff or loose? Want any specific colors? Want grip or no grip on control stick
    Honestly...? I was tired of scrubbing out for years on rushdown characters in FGs. I wanted to take a more cerebral approach to playing and "get back to basics," as it were. This was after cutting the mustard with another team I had which had Skrull on it, but meh, it was more for concept than anything else. I still had my heart set on the team I wanted to really make.

    It also helped that I'm a huge comic book nerd. Haha. Deadpool was an awesome addition to the game; I'm glad that the team at Capcom took the time to flesh out his antics and his off-the-cuff humor. Dorm, well, I was ****ing stoked for him. He was one of the uber-nasty baddies in the comics, if a little obscure since he only turned up in the pages of Dr. Strange (at least until recently). They gave him a kick-*** voice and some (hilariously) awesome quotes. It also helped that his moveset catered to a zoning style as well, which was exactly what I was looking for.

    MODOK was for the lulz, mostly. Everybody was *****ing so much about his inclusion I just had to put him on a team somewhere.

    I wanna play Ghost Rider and Phoenix Wright. XD They look like soooooooooo much fun.
    Hey man. At least you picked up other characters for labwork. Me, I decided on Deadpool/Dorm/MODOK before launch. The only other character I got my mitts on was Wesker and that was after I found out that MODOK is a little bit tougher to play than I bargained for. Lmao.

    Yeah. I don't blame you for waiting on Ultimate to figure that sorta thing out, though. I'm so freaking anxious about the possibilities presented by the newcomers that I would gladly rework my current team.
    Dorm/Deadpool/Wesker. Sometimes I replace Wesker with MODOK just to put a little accent mark on how zone-y my team is.

    I think the synergy for my team (with Wesker) is okay. With Deadpool, I have access to the DHC glitch which---if I have Wesker taking up the right slot---is pretty much a touch of death for most members of the cast. Generally, though, I keep Dorm either on point or as a strong second 'cause I enjoy the hell out of zoning people.

    I'm not that good, tho'. Lol. How 'bout you, L? What's your team?

    Thanks, bro. <3 I 'preciate that. I get around, 'round, 'round.

    I've seen you post here and there. You're pretty chill yourself.
    makoto, but i'm not that great at that game. i understand makoto but i don't know any matchups.

    i'm much better in mvc3. x-23, hsien-ko/tron, tron/doom
    ahhhh omg ;_; sounds so awesome!!! i don't even have a pad to play on though, plus i'll probably be bogged down with hw still... ahh but man. let me know whenever there are more of these!!
    Yeah I've been having a lot of weakness in my wrists, so I'm taking it easy on the mouse-clicking haha. I also had to take a long break from working out as well, which sucked because I was making a lot of progress (minus the wrist pain, obviously). Doesn't seem to bother me while playing Smash, unless I'm specifically practicing wavedashes then I start feeling that pinching and weakness in my wrist.
    Yes I do. In fact, I'm going to one tomorrow/today! And I'm all registered for Genesis 2 so I'm pretty excited for that as well.
    well, if you ever come here for smash, tell someone and we'll host you and stuff.
    haha...it can be. winters in toronto are really cold occasionally. and once when we went to the midwest for a tourney a few years ago, i remember the guys from florida were like "this is SO COLD"...and for me it was like, kind of nice, light jacket weather =P

    one thing to remember, though, is that canada is huge. second biggest country in the world, after russia. the truly cold parts are all up north, and a lot of us, myself included, live really far south. toronto is actually farther south than some places in the U.S.
    heh, toronto hasn't had an official power ranking in...well, about 3 1/2 years. it got dissolved right about when i joined cause people kept arguing over it for some reason. i don't think that would happen now, since everyone is older and more mature, but we basically know the order anyway and no one really cares.
    well...i guess that's good, in a way =P

    i was 5th for the longest time. for like 2 straight years. then weon-x came here...and now i'm most likely 6th. =/
    it's by no means a regular thing, but yeah, i've come to realize recently that toronto's community is actually pretty active compared to others. we don't have tourneys like ever but i see at least one of kk/raynex/unknown on average once a week =)
    it's okay, i ate food.

    also, going to a tournament in ottawa this weekend, wish me luck. it's like, ottawa vs. toronto vs. montreal.
    LOL My bad bro, if you want me to make you a sig just send me a youtube video and give me the time frame (3-5 seconds at the longest).
    yeah, hopefully. maybe at something more near the center of the country.

    i'm gonna go play pokemon and/or sleep, so talk to you later =)
    probably not. i live on east coast canada, so west coast canada is just really far away =/ and i doubt i could afford the plane ticket, realistically.
    Oh well, I know there are going to be like a hundred videos from that =D
    Hmm...come to think of it, I guess Waffles hasn't been uploading as much as he used to =/
    not bad. we don't have many tournaments but our top 10 or so players play pretty often.

    i just came back from kirbykaze's house earlier today, and there were i think 7 of us there, even though it was a monday =P (monday night going into tuesday smashfest) except i only played serious matches with other people, him and i just did dittos on stupid stages. our jiggs ditto on pokefloat was probably the best one. or the falcon ditto on kongo jungle (the one with the DK rap).

    what's up?

    before you ask, yes, milk comes in bags here <_< it tastes the same.
    haha, thanks. i found it somewhere on facebook, in the photos for some melee-related thing. too bad i didn't think to set it up myself, it's so lulzy.

    so I am going to admit something.

    Every single time


    I always have this glimmer of hope that there is some illuminati meaning behind it something along the lines of "I am actually a very attractive asian female, and I am posting this gif to give you a wink. You may not know it yet, but we are going to love eachother forever. I LOVE YOU WEMPPPPPPPP"

    So many people send me that gif it is out of hand. And I still can't understand what it means

    Besides of course that Taeyeon is a cutie pattooty wit da booty
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