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  • Will you be uploading those replays of our set in LSFs on your youtube account or something? I want to be able to watch those again.
    Yoo what up, I wanted to start wifi-ing again but I mainly contact people via text messages on phone. Possible for me to have your number so we can play?

    And my msn is Kane_4life1@hotmail.com. But it's hard for me to get on the comp to communicate when my gf hooooooggggsss the ****ing comp lol
    haha, thanks. i made it myself when i couldn't find a similar gif anywhere.
    yeah it would deffo be fun to get some practice before the tourney!! thanks for the heads up, I didn't even know it was happening. I miiiight be in RCH this thursday, hopefully cya there, can't confirm if I'll show up tho
    do u remember playing a REALLY GOOD snake back in Feb 09, a friend of the dude "Krazy?"
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