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  • Thanks a lot man I really appreciate it. Wish I had faster internet though lol. Crappy ATT DSL service =/ Damn you Mediacom for having insanely high cable prices!
    Any site is fine as long as it's free to use lol. Just link me to 'em when they're up. I really appreciate it.
    Hey. If you want, you can just send me all the matches from the tournament and we can upload them to our page. Whatever is most convenient or easiest for you. I think some of the other Springfield guys would probably want their matches up too.
    Yoshiman? Yo dude what's up. Hey I was wondering if you were still planning on uploading the rest of the matches from Pathways? There were some doubles matches I really wanted to see out of those. Also singles. It's like chess...I like to go over my matches to get better.

    Not trying to rush you but just wondering if you still had any intention of even uploading them still. Lmk plz :)

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