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  • Wassup man. It's been a while since we've talked.
    Sup Atma, what's good. It has been a while. I don't play Smash much anymore, went back to fighters. I got my eyes on Smash 4 tho if its good. How bout you man? How's everything?
    You know you're wasting your time by responding to Rei right? lol. The dude lives for what he has you doing right now. You should just ignore him.

    You busy this weekend? Like, friday night? i was seeing if we could brawl for a bit :D
    you gota big shout out from jebailey on the DI podcast about ceo, you should check it out if you havent already
    yeah id imagine, were puertorican so its a have to thing lol thats why i like teaming with him. i miss you and the other ppl i used to see at tournaments. dont expect me but i dunno maybe one of these tournaments..
    im a family man, sorta.. kinda. i'm still figuring it out lol but ive been livin i'll tell you that. i wanted to ask you something though cause ive been getting a little bored of wifi, are you able to contact mero?
    The disco room is at the bottom of the index, under password protected.

    It's basically like the pool room, except the rules are more relaxed.

    So yeah, it's a social room.
    Hey there.

    I'm just doing a bit of research on users who have premium but never come to the disco room.

    I don't think I have ever seen you in there.

    You should drop in :p
    Hey VSC.D-Torr, I need a favor. I'm working on a large project with some Melee back room members to get an elo system up and running. You can read more about it here. Anyways, I was going to see if you could email me the .tio file for your tournament "CEO 2011" and any others that you have. My email is medes86@hotmail.com I would really appreciate it, thanks.
    But indeed I am helping. You just haven't realized how yet.
    Aight because I've been trying to get back into the game but I don't know where anything happens.
    I have to say, you are one of the most clutch players I have ever seen. Watching you beat DJ Jack in game one was so sexy. :D
    I'm also picking up Chris too. He's so freaking underrated and he has so much potential dude. Sentinel makes me wanna cry.
    Good **** man! I play Viper, X-23 and Morrigan. I also substitute in for Phoenix and Dr. Doom (for Morrigan). I've been trying to pick up Trish and Iron Man recently. Iron Man is boss but he's tough for me lol. Maybe you can give me some pointers?
    That guy is unbelievable! Super armor? Srsly! Who's your team. I play Viper, Doom and Morrigan lol.
    Hey r u going to esams zp with action? If so ive heard that he took my controller but wont respond to any of my messages. Could u ask him to call me or message me with an answer. If you see him also check to see if he is using my black controller, with the right triggers spring removed please.
    oooh nice, pound V stuff. Alright, I"ll get 'em done. Man, I'm falling behind a good bit on my recording T.T I got a new laptop recently, and I've been wanting to try out new software. I've got Adobe Premier and After Effects, so I could try experimenting with making edited videos. My laptop can emulate Brawl in HD nicely I found, but I'm having some trouble finding a way to get it recorded with something that wont drop the frame rate.

    Forget it -__- the owner closed down the shop .. we have enough people to do a tourney but the problem is where can we host it at now since inet is gone....
    yeah i am but things have changed.. we should link up again and have friendlies. you know my number, txt it anytime
    Hey if you're still researching capture cards. I went around a bit and found that the most common thing for recording/streaming would be the Dazzle DVC(Digital Video Creator) 100. I'm buying one for myself now actually. I'll use it for streaming maybe and recording if using my PVR 250 is not an option.

    Oooh don't worry about it. Ask me questions any time.

    I use the Hauppage WinTV PVR-250. It's a TV Tuner(let's you watch cable on your comp). It also comes in the form of a PCI card(Lemme know if you don't know what that is.) The Program I use to record is Cyberlink Power Cinema(it's just this program that came with the card).

    Transcoding is basically the process of changing the format of a video from one to another. When I record these matches they come default as .mpg files. I could just upload the .mpg files to YT if I wanted to, but it's an uncompressed format. A match can usually be ~275mb. I use DVDVideosoft's video to ipod converter to get .mp4 files(which match YT's specifications for good quality videos). If I upload the .mpg files I have to wait forever for the videos to go up. Then YT has to use it's own program to transcode the video while it's processing it.

    I get decent enough quality with my videos using this card/software. I could get better quality though. I'm probably gonna stop using Power Cinema/DVDVideosoft and switch to Pinnacle Studio/Sony Vegas. Also keep in mind this card is better for recording. I haven't really used it for streaming. You'd be good with a Dazzle if you want to stream.

    Edit: soo many typos >.>
    Ah sorry I got mad about the official SWF rankings thing.

    It was just my first tournament and kind of stressful...sorry D-Torr.
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