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  • Actually I can't this weekend,
    arcade legacy is having a ssf4 ranbat, and i got plans for that
    melee does sound fun right now though, thanks for letting me know, i'll try to make it to the next one
    Dude melee saturday was the most fun I've had playing smash in a long time
    Chi and I played some more at his place, it was a blast

    Anyways we need to get some people together and play melee again sometime :D
    the genre is hardcore/happy hardcore
    look for albums by these djs
    dj brisk
    dj vagabond
    dj gammer
    dj dougal
    dj sy
    dj unknown
    dj hixxy
    Yo E__ add this friend code. 1332-7374-8248 I'm super bored and I'm at a friends house. Play me. BTW gimme your friend code to add to his Wii.
    Hey e_, I am most likely gonna come on sunday with TheGreatMuldini,
    but I have another friend interested in going. He's a pika main, but hes proggessing pretty fast, I wanted to run it by you first
    Here's what it looks like:
    clowsui's friends x 2
    Tyr's friends x 5
    Doctor X
    Infern Angelis
    Will Smith
    Steel Samurai
    The Great Muldini

    A perfect 16.

    1:00 - 3:00 Friendlies, messing around, etc.
    3:00 - 6:00 (1/2 hr pools, rest for bracket most likely)
    6:00 - 7:30 Side Event (Possible Crew Battle? GK vs. GUNPUNCH...or maybe like a random tourney, entry $1 and winner takes all, seed based on pools?) or Friendlies

    And then people have to leave by like 8:45, or something. Or leave at.

    TVs - 4 - 3 x e_, 1 x Tyr - COMMENTS: Do we need more? IDK, pools may be a little slow
    Wiis - 4 - 1 x e_, 1 x Tyr, 1 x Steel Samurai, 1 x Tyr's friend - COMMENTS: none

    I'll ask for more setups if you want them. Otherwise this looks to be it.
    Yeah I sent PMs to everyone
    Will have a formal attendance list for you maybe Tuesday or so
    Singles only or Doubles too?
    I asked you over PMs
    But, you didn't respond. **** :(
    How's tomorrow sound for you?
    Yeah so I can't hold a monthly on Sunday but maybe you could still come over?
    Tell me if you're free or not lol; send me a visitor message or post on FB
    Grand Champion
    First in our class, best everything except percussion (what the ****?)
    Second overall in everything
    Won by about .6
    Sorry, i don't usually check my visitor messages. I don't really do wifi anymore unless they are like really close, even then i hate it
    Hahaha, no worries.
    Take the name "Joh" and replace the H with an E--
    then you're pretty much all set. But I don't really
    have a habbit of putting my name out there. Chances
    are I said it once and was done, haha.

    If you're still scratching your head, I was the dude that
    spotted you for that colossal meat sandwich, and when
    you tried to pay me back I was all "naw, man. naaaw--
    it's all cooool."

    It dawns on me that you might not remember
    my name right off the bat. I was the guy at Dr. X's
    place with all the ...biceps.

    Punching bears.

    With the flamethrowers.
    What can you do as a debater that you couldn't otherwise do as a normal member? I know I probably shouldn't ask you but whatever. The reason I'm asking is because I want to be one but I want to know what I'd get to do if I ever became one. Thank you in advance.
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