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Exceladon City

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  • dang, always trolling guess I need to ban you again

    yeah, I watched video two the second time and when he started saying "shade" and "show the receipts" I knew it was gonna be a lot of overlap lol

    I never really found drag interesting ever lol
    Yeah that's a thread that I just don't bother with. Nothing to discuss until there is a trailer anyway.

    It was the stuff say sbgs :p
    smash 4 the best

    and I'm watching those SBGS videos, and I say too many of these things
    your problem is you don't play peach; you need to in order to find someone
    I'm talking about when they mistake you for Excel_Zero; that's your chance!
    think of it all as free attention for you to get to know more people and become popular and meet lots of cute german guys to hook up with!
    Not to bug you or anything but have you talked to anybody about uploading that video of me vs Hilt? Thanks again man!
    Hey man I think I saved a replay of me vs Hilt on your wii. If you could possibly upload that and send me a link or something I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks a bunch man.
    haha, you know I was just going to ask you to email it to me, that way all you'd have to do would be attach it, but this works too :) I'll watch them and give you a critique that'll hopefully give you a better feel for the matchup and maybe even improve your Sonic overall quite a bit.
    Heh, you have any places you post your art?

    Add me on skype and we can talk more there, though I have some homework I've been putting off so maybe in about 3 hours you'll see me log on.
    Friend's help, pretty much the main reason that I'm drawing a lot right now is because of the friends I met through the years both online and off. So whenever one of them makes something new, it motivates me to do something too.

    It's mostly getting involved with people and talking with them about art. At least that's my take on things.
    Well, unless your Amazing you probably won't be at the point where you can make completely original things. And in the world we live in there's usually always someone better, you gotta accept that fact.

    Let me tell you, one thing in particular that stuck to me during a lecture for my design class is that "Creativity is recombination". He went on to show a table a furniture maker made that looked like a leaf. Let's look at some other things, Starcraft had ideas taken from Aliens vs Predator, Starfox was influenced by Top gun, and the art in SF4 was in the style of Okami.
    It was but there's not a single video of ICs vs TL. Just you 3 stocking Lumi's Wario on Castle Siege. Which was pretty hot btw.
    Well designs are everywhere in life. From cereal boxes to fast food signs and even things in nature. Just find things that are interesting for you and try using it in your art.
    that's why you always let the censor do it's work.

    except that one time I said an uncensored word and got in trouble *shakes fist*
    I'm still a bit confused at what you want to improve on. Is it just skill at using Gimp or is it making good looking designs/art?
    Ah, well what exactly is it that you want to improve?

    I know my aim in art is drawing better and more realistic images that are interesting to look at. But from what I guess from the images you posted it's more design-y things like sigs, banners, ect.
    Why not just Oreo? :p

    Where did Dib come from? Is that your initials?
    Never did get why you changed your name. :<
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