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  • Hey, i think i just saw you like 10 minutes ago, i was the Ike named Zee, great games man, by far the best player I've seen on the 3ds, i got run over when you switched to your wall breaker characters.

    sorry i had to bail, my battery was running low, love to play with you again
    I'm assuming that you've played on for glory about half hour ago, but hot DAMN! I had to make a smashboards account just to tell you that you beat the ever-living crap out of me. GGs, m8.
    lol some guy called you a cheater
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    I know its hilarious, he probably doesnt understand how lag on moves works especially since I used falcon one of the fastest characters in the game with quick air attacks and shulk in those matches he never tried to approach and my spacing was on point so he was never able to grab me. I cant wait to see the recording on youtube though. lol
    He's doomed himself if he's actually gonna upload that video. Many laughs will be had.
    Im about to post "I would like to see this video as well." lol
    Hi. We played earlier. I was that crappy Ness main that kept losing to you. I'm not sure why you felt the need to taunt when you beat me, but that upset me. :( Anyway, we played on the 3DS and I kept playing you even though I kept losing because I wanted to learn something from it. Maybe we can play again. I don't know. :/
    I still have them too!! Haha, I'll definelty give Sheen a shout out for ya! Oh and Sato too. =]

    That top 5 thing took me by surprise. Never thought I'd see my name so close to Chu's. <3

    We'll meet again DT! ^____^
    All this time and we still had each other added. ^____^ <3

    Wish the lag was better though. I couldn't powershield thing...! =|
    Ahh Higurashi, such a weird mixture of moe, psychos, deities, viruses, and schizophrenic . . . everything! :bee:

    First season had more of a "shock and awe" thing going and was decent.
    Then the second season came and utterly destroyed the first season's characters, plot, and existence.

    Overall, the plot felt like a jigsaw puzzle where when you connect some pieces, it's either a "oh okay, I guess" response or a "aww shizzzzz, things about to go down!" response, no middle ground. And since it's a puzzle, the series is hard to get into in the beginning, gets derpy/confusing in the middle, but then shines brilliantly in the end of the series.

    /end_review_mode :cool:

    btw, I think I found 神さま's your anthem (note: might contain suggestive lyrics, viewer discretion advised)
    Okay so I started watching the first few episodes of The World God Only Knows, and I started laughing my *** off just thinking of you. I know its stupid directly comparing you to a cartoon but I just couldn't help it. xD
    Well Mr. Conqueror of Women, thanks for the pseudo-recommendation. I'll finish the series later on.

    As for my own interests, I just enjoy anything with a well written story. And less than 100 episodes; no One Piece, Narutard, or Bleach for me. :awesome:
    Sorry i had to dip out of the match in a rush, I had to go take a sister's friend home. We can start again whenever you'd like if you're still wanting to play.
    How do you like that series?
    I'm actively looking for new series to watch but the guy I usually converse about these matters is currently overseas and I suck at picking up good shows.
    Bad luck with anime I guess. :ohwell:
    Your tink is awesome. I like the feeling of bring together a comeback only to be crushed in the end. It makes me want to try harder. :awesome:

    btw, who's dat on your avi? Is it from an anime?
    Excellent games bro. Sorry for the sudden exit, here was a perpetual nag for me to do something so I had to take care of it.

    Still had fun tho :bee:
    I had fun brawling you. It's been so long!! Wish, I could've done better against your Tink but wifi favors him so much! >.<
    Hah, anyway we should brawl again sometime soon! I think I was a little laggy today cause my bandwidth was being shared. I had to leave a little early cause I needed to help a friend of mine with his school work. Take care Darktoon! Go to offline tournies! >=V
    Good games, sorry to leave so abruptly, but I've been summoned.:applejack:
    That Martha/Toon Link combo is still amazing. Haven't had that much fun in a long time, haha. May be on later, depends on when I'm free.
    Not late, I just missed you by a few minutes or so, mate, my fault. Give me a bit to play sw96.:applejack:
    Happy Thanksgiving, Dark ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner and lots of happiness ^__^.
    Good games, wish we could have used my Wii, friend's net is bad x.x You've made a good leap of improvement, me gusta. I have to leave his place right now, but we should play more soon :D
    Okay, I'm here. Stages in tags, if that's alright, and I'll host. FC is 3222-6676-2121, if you don't have it.
    Tell me when you're on.
    Well, my friend invited me over to his place, so I'll see you momentarily when I get there.
    Oh, the weekend sound nice. Just hit me up during the weekend if you find better chances of us playing to be then.
    We've got to play for Mgw's tourney. If you're able to play tomorrow, I can do so then, just contact me back and we can organize a time.

    I barely, barely know you if at all, but your forum avatar is the coolest. Thing. Ever. Don't change it.

    Gah, thanks. I would still enjoy playing you anytime I have free time. You're apparently one of the only people I can connect to when I'm on my good and bad bandwidth channels. Nonetheless, a strong competitor. Hopefully I'll see you on whenever I get the chance.
    You've still got a really good Toon Link, mate. Do you regular any character boards? They could help if you feel like you need it. I've got lots I need to work on as well.

    Oh, and her name's Octavia, if you're still guessing.
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