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  • Okay but this time Im only using melee charecters no sonic snake and or toon link.
    Hey anonymous is it okay if we had a team battle with compuers.
    Yeah I know it felt like we both were a little off want to get back on again. BTW good games. BTW when you use link try and use your bombs more in combination with your throws. Ill use link this time and just switch characters normally. You helped me regain some of my focus and also improve in my weak characters. Thanks
    Its alright I was getting distracted by something and so thats why it was kinda hard to focus also.
    I apologize Im really fatigued and tired right now. Good games. (Good toon link). I was mostly focusing on my weakest characters which was why I kept on switching of from link and other characters. (Plus I havent really been trying to go my best today for some reason)
    Hmm will do. I recommend playing Bionic (on my friends list). Hes on our level and also likes using different characters.
    I may have only played him once but he a decent player you should really challenge him.
    Exactly. Im excellent with Link but I want to master all the other characters as well. Good matches hopefully I can get back on later
    The matches were great all of them. My main is Toon Link as you could see but I never use him because i wanna get better at other characters.
    Same here. I try to stray away from Link and use all the other characters. Even though I was a bit off (a tiny bit) it was still good I must say. How did you think of the match?
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