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  • Also, I would imagine it was partly due to lag in wifi, but you did have a lot of dairs right into the ground I was able to punish.
    One thing I noticed you were definitely doing better than me was aerials with your bombs and bomb sliding, neither of which I implement very often.
    Honestly I didn't think our Links were that far apart; I just got the momentum and was able to hold on to it throughout the match. And the lag made my grab game unbelievably effective, something I don't plan on ever banking on offline with Link.
    Hope this helps. I really did think you had a great Link.
    Haha, well, I'm no pro, but I think I'm pretty good at Link, so I'll try to give you a nice critique.
    I honestly think what it boiled down to was I got the first stock on you. The moving platform saved me on a poorly DI'd Fsmash (which you kept fresh, which was good) at 110ish, and I somehow managed to squeak in a ftilt to kill you. The second stock then cinched it. You were trying to get a kill move on me most of the time, whereas all I had to do to really assure the win was pepper you with damage and punish any of your missed killing moves. It's understandable since it gets very frustrating to see an opponent still running around at 199%, but honestly I think that's when it's BEST to be patient and play defensively and wait for an opening; your opponent will be looking for the big hit; so they'll be looking for that, not a quick attack to set up into a killer.
    Haha, yeah, thanks man. That's one of the things I know I need to work on; I'm sure you noticed my Link is extremely aggressive, and that's not really one of his strong points. I need to find a way to curb it down a little bit while still taking advantage of openings so I don't end up leaving myself open.
    Alright, here we go. Epic Link showdown is number 5.

    Pit vs. Ike
    Peach vs. Jigglypuff
    Zelda vs. Mario
    Yoshi vs. Game & Watch
    Epic vs. >9000
    Also, the quality is fairly mediocre since I only have a camera, but it's good enough to see what's going on. Plus lots of clicky noises, hahaha.
    Haha, I'll put them up on Youtube now, I'm desperate for some way to procrastinate. This studying for my test is pretty boring :/
    Hey do you want to battle? I keep seeing you around the TNNMFA and was wondering if you had time now to do a fight or twenty.
    Hey hey! Sorry we couldn't get it to work last time. Wanna try Brawling now? I'm free this afternoon.
    I can't believe I totally missed it, thanks alot for the happy birthday message like ages ago! :embarrass.
    Well, i cant enjoy much of anything with the Lag→D/C Combo, but it was fun to finally play you for once, Good games.
    But i'm going to hold off on wifi for a some time until i get my new net.
    Meh...obviously is fun to team up on someone..& no you & Grey arent the only one that do it.
    I always get double teamed in FFA because I win often, either that or people just want to.

    & I use Snake/MK in FFA bcuz of that reason.
    Umm..Grey hit you..& yet you run over to fight me.
    The only 1v1 happend was when I'm G&W & Grey MK.
    Not really though...near the end you ran over & grab me..So I just SD cuz 2v1 is gay.
    lol very fun games, sorry for the DC tho
    yeah, I haven't played as ZSS for months now and I just wanted to play as her for the lulz
    man you have quite the variety of characters there, and they're good :)
    yo dude im bored, can u brawl right now? my brawl fc is 2105-8323-5356. write ur friend code in a visitor message when ur ready.
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