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  • Just saw an old thread from like 3 years ago that you commented on. I thought it would be interesting to play you again since it's been such a long time.
    Sorry when I originally read your message on Tuesday I was in class and then forgot about it because I kep skipping over your post because it wasn't new. If you still want to trade I can do it anytime tonight or whenever you're good.
    Hey, how come you don't come to the pony thr-

    Current Activity: Viewing Thread My Little Pony General: Season 2 Incoming! Also, 30k Posts!

    Oh. Nevermind then~!
    Hey, how do you think Spiderman/Ammy/Phoenix would work? I've actually never messed around with her, but she seems cool. I like my Spiderman/Ammy/Wesker, but I'm wanting to expand with 2 more teams.

    I'm seriously hoping Spiderman/Strider/Wesker or Spiderman/Shuma/Strider will work in the future.
    That's what I was thinking. I love Spidey on point, Ammy's attacks build meter well/uses meter well, can manuever well, etc., and lv3 xfactor Wesker is so scary. On top of that, he just makes great for an anchor in general.

    Sentinel would be good if I could manage bulky characters, but I've never been able too. =/ Even in MK I need the fast light hitting over slow damaging ones.
    Uugh, work the rest of the week, but we'll find time. I finally realized more or less that Dante is meh. I love Spiderman / X / Wesker because he gives a lot of hp, anchor, etc, but the middleman is so hard to find. Sentinel is fun, but I suck at big characters. I've been considering Amateratsu actually. Or Deadpool.
    Yeah I do, can't today, but I'd really like that :D.

    I just wondered about Morrigan, I never see her online at all.
    Hey man, wanted some advice on Spidey. You seem to like him, so I figured I'd PM ya.

    Just general movements, how to time TK, Web zip cancel, etc.

    Also my team currently is Spidey/Dante[jams]/Wesker[OTG] I find his otg/fighting style good to work with right now until I'm better, and as for Dante...

    I just couldn't hack Sentinel. =/ I tried, but meh. I know all Dante's moves from back in the day, so yeah.

    Also, hows Morrigan?
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    hmm my cp is smashville, i'll be waiting on wi-fi for you, smash tag has long ben changed to lucar.
    oh man bad news. I got some stuff to take care of. Im so sorry i can't find time. I'll try my best for tomorrow.
    Helllo. I know you dont know me but i see you main falco and place high in tournies. I was hoping that we can brawl sometime and you could give me some tips. :falco:
    I'll register you. i'll host all my games with my friends so just try to join my game when your good and i'll leave and we can get the match going
    don't forget your match for the Armory! if you've already fought it, that's cool... but please report the results so we know!
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