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  • I didn't mean share lol

    I meant more like coordinate so you guys got separate rooms at the same hotel so people can play each other and stuff

    No Kel?
    Yooo how is that Ohio carpool coming?

    Been talking to Chi about him wanting to go as well

    And did you want me to connect you with OK/CO carpool heads to see if you guys could stay at the same hotel for playing purposes?
    Heyo, Tako! YbM told me he'd tell you about trying to give me a ride to ISA, but I decided to go ahead and send the message. Would it be possible to ride with you? Please and thanks!
    Uh! Hm!
    I don't think it'll happen then! Shucks, sorry! ]'; Have fun, guys!
    Okie doke! I really want to go, but I'm not for sure if I'll have all of the money. Or at least now. I know I'll probably have it when Apex come. I'll need to think it over a bit. Can you give me until tomorrow?
    Takooo, do you have room for one more person in your car? And if so how much is gas + hotelling?
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