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  • Plans fell completely through. I'm gonna be at Apex though. I hope you can come, too. They're doing something called the Super Ganon Challenge where three Ganons face one opponent with team attack off. It's a 3-stock, 8-minute match, and there's a LGL and all that good stuff. All stages legal, too. It's 5$ to play, 100$ if you win. The Ganons get to split 75% of the winnings.

    Right now, they said they needed confirmation on who's gonna be there so they can pick the Ganons. I'd love for it to be you, DLA and myself.
    You've brought a bit of life back to the boards! Obviously not a bad thing at all. 'Grats again on the accomplishment, Fonz. I was getting lazy there for a while with virtually no competition except for DLA, but your win's given me a reason to get back into things and put in work again. Let's see if I can rival your wins at Genesis!
    New discussion in the Lucario Backroom, check it out.

    You know it's serious, if I'm sending this out.
    Weekdays are pretty busy, I work full time. Earliest I could make it out would be 6PM, but I'd still be willing to make the trip. Weekends work better for me, but I can come whenever.
    Hey Fonz, I dunno what Springfield's up to these days, but if possible I'd like to come down for some training sometime. I don't play enough people who are better than me outside of tournaments, and it'd be cool to practice with some more experienced people who can tell me how to improve.
    Hey there, Fonz.
    Your MU-facts are great and all, but ppl are just supposed to give their personal ratio,
    and then leave a few short comments as of why they believe that ratio is accurate.

    I feel it's a waste for you to post you great tips in that thread of mine,
    'cause I'm only putting the ratios & comments in the OP.

    btw, check out the "example" in the OP.

    You hints & tips (and notebook) are more than welcome in the character-specific-match-up-threads.
    Yo Fonz, I hope you weren't relying me to help you with that vid you were doing, hah. I've been working for a few weeks now and combined with other things, I have absolutely no chance of following up what you were showing me. Tell me how the video goes, though, because I do want to see the finished product.

    Meanwhile, I'll be putting up something in the next week or two. Something that I definitely needed to put up faster, but, you know, same circumstances, I have to stop being slow.
    Ah, a video? Yeah, that's something I'm interested in, it's just that I've been occupied with other things at the moment and I haven't been on AIM at all. Things will get a lot better next week, I'll be able to talk to you then. Do you want to tell me the premise of the video so I can check it out on my own time?
    Haha, I figured it out from watching you, actually. Now to do it consistently without killing myself :) I actually did it after a ff dair once which was super risky, but super awesome.

    Sometimes I end up on stage while trying to buffer my side bs, rofl.
    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about those replays... I haven't had a chance to check... I'll let you know when I find them...
    I can help with Pit... We'll have to put our heads together on ZSS and Oli though... I have little trouble with Sole, but YbM 2-stocked me with his ZSS... :/
    Have you considered taking him to a stage where he can't plank? I came close to beating him on Rainbow Cruise... Again, I led the entire match, but I'm also having trouble finishing top-5 players recently... :/
    Kel told me he had 100+ grabs (which I take it means ledge grabs in the context of the conversation we had) against Tactical at OU... I don't know if this was one match or an entire set though that's a big number either way...
    Meh...About the same aside from school. I hate school with a burning passion. -____-

    I needs to play your Ganon! I didn't know that he was your #1 main.
    I always thought that it was Lucario. :p
    Hey Fonz, could you please upload my matches vs Seibrik? I really wanna watch how I played and figure out my mistakes, so I can keep improving. Please?

    Thanks. :)
    Nah, it's not mine. My style is a lot different.
    It just caught my attention. Someone on deviantart commissioned me to draw someone else's Lucario character as a gift, and he looks like your avatar.
    I just said something on the off-chance that he was your magma cario, but then I guess you would have recognized my name a while ago.
    ...the Lucario in your avatar looks familiar >_>
    I was commissioned a while ago to draw a red Magma Lucario <_<
    I wouldn't necessarily say that. I'll be putting a bunch of different clips in the video with a bunch of different 'themes', as you may call it.
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