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  • After four years, there's finally an update. I want anyone who's reading this to know, I'm making pancakes. They are delicious.
    He won 2-0. Game 1 I went up with 2 stock 70%ish to his 1 fresh stock, but then he ran me from there out and won with 1s 60%ish. Game 2 I SD'd my first stock then managed to tie things up at 1s <10% for both of us. He ran me from there out though and I think finished with 50% on his last stock. He KOd me with an Fsmash around 90%.

    It was interesting and fun and he is a beast. I'd like to fight him again with no lag.
    So, I accidentally grabbed you guys' toothpaste... Sorry... I'll send you $20 instead of 15 as compensation. My bad.
    brandon we NEED to get dp&l turned on i dont know how to do it, but i gotta work at 2:30 tomorrow and get my car fixed and we need to get it done before our thingy tuesday
    yea your pool is mad hard but so is davids he has havok (like 3rd best mk) in his
    mine is not too hard i can get 1st if i bring my A-game

    but it doesnt matter were there for friendlies
    whats friday?
    i plan on moving stuff gradually. i do work wed 9-6 and fri 2-10 so doing anything friday is not a good idea.
    ive got like 4 things wrong with my car (brake issues, need a new belt, oil issues, and ANOTHER battery issue) so I am hoping my car wont cost me more than $250 to fix or i wont even have the money to pay the places tuesday. also we HAVE to get DP&L payed BEFORE tuedsay. i work sat, sun, and monday 2-10 (I HATE THIS ****ING SHIFT) so idk how its gonna get done but sometime between then and now i gotta get my car to the shop too to get fixed and im just so flustered and i cant figure anything out how **** is gonna work.
    your pound 4 pool

    Pool 27

    Atomsk <---- 2nd best player in NJ (thats a HARD reigon) gonna be a hard match for you
    Tactical <---he was the lucario at lvl 9
    Smash GOD
    Soma Cruz
    i gotta take my car back to ricks tuesday.
    apparently this battery is a bad one too X[
    im so pissed
    also are you paying half of our fees tuesday or do i have to cover it
    if I take care of everything and my car costs me anything we cant to go pound unless we get some money somehow
    also we'll prolly move a few things at a time until we get everything all done over the course of a few days
    well you'll get to meet her eventually. i guarantee you'll like her though =p
    im supposed to go snowboarding with her soon but ive never dun it so ima get hurt lol
    this first awesome female friend ive had in years
    too bad you werent there yesterday (you know you were supposed to come down there at some point but you prolly forgot)
    i gotta tell you the story later. when i take ashley home tonight we should go to larrys since i'm going to the mall and maybe nopes too.
    I gotta call liz tomorrow to she if she can meet us up there
    XD Haha! Silly, banny. Okie dokie! O: When will be the next time I'll be seeing you?
    please tell me you figured something out
    im coming home for lunch today and ima call and hopefully ima get good news. if not im gonna be a sad panda
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