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  • NP. :) I'm still on if you are interested. I am interested in talking MU ratio theory with you, if you are up for it.
    I Cant :S I need a Plug in and i'm to lazy to download (plus it takes a while.)

    Could you explain by pm please. If you can, do it when you don't have anything else to do so I don't take time for it :D
    Just Curious since I may visit my dad in Miami this summer. Not completely sure but, wanted to know just in case to see if we could play if I do go there.
    I was wondering where that came from.

    Nah, it's pretty difficult, to be honest. There's a section of the forum called the Debate Hall. You apply to be a Temp Debater, and if you do well in the Proving Grounds, you get admitted into the real Debate Hall and get a pink name. There's also gonna be a new DH postbit, like the BRoomer's grimer, or the Premium mushroom.

    Yeah, I'm really not that good. Though that combo video doesn't really do me justice, those were replays from December when I was still a bit clumsy. Still, I'm looking forward to you getting your Wii fixed. Can't wait for those games.
    Yeah, the old Meta Knight one you had needed to be changed.

    Pink Name means I'm a smash debater. I just have a custom title so it doesn't say that. You should get the pink name.
    I just knew he'd never be able to update due to laziness. And I'm sure I won't be satisfied with the final version, but there's not much I can do about it. It's not like it's a big deal, you know? And I'm not sure what I said classifies as flaming... :laugh:

    Yeah, the cool kids club. That's too pro. Also, I like the new avatar. Keep it.
    I was trying to be as mean as possible, while still being nice. I mean, I think he cried or something.

    Yeah, I haven't seen as many around. Don't know why, I'm guessing it's still a work in progress.

    I was trying to be as sappy and nice as possible. Calling him cupcake was just icing on the cak - unintentional pun.

    Thanks. Good stuff on discussion leader. Every character board has one, right?
    Oh. I should list myself as a major contributor, I had to find half the info out on my own >_<.
    ☆ At least your not crazy. =P ☆

    ☆ You should give yourself more credit since since in my eyes you are the most eligible. ☆
    I live in Portsmouth (an isolated area) and I will be gettin rides in the future. I know 3 other smashers in my area.

    Who told you I have a good Sheik? Just wondering.....
    No, unfortunately. I don't have the hack or a camera to find out. I asked SuSa to find out, but I don't know how long it will be until he can get around to it.
    Hey Fromundaman, would you change the name of the Cape thread to "The Cape Wonder Emporium: The Cape Blesses With Super Armor"? I gotta say that I'm a bit miffed at the Mario boards at the moment for not even bothering to look at the thread, lol.
    1) Ahhh, gotcha. I was wondering because it DOES have the pseudo-spike when people are knocked up towards Kirby and he is grounded and inhaling, but I didn't know if it would work offstage.... awwww...

    2) Oh hehe, I didn't remember him doing that in there. Thanks anyway then!

    3) No worries. Didn't expect you to, but I figured I'd ask since I can't.
    Also, what's the infinite mortar glitch?
    1) I do believe I tested this. Kirby's inhale is different, and just sucks Snake into his mouth. It doesn't have the pseudo-spike properties. (Although Pit's WoI might! I need to test that)

    2) I'll test that soon. It's a bit annoying to test by myself however.... also IIRC in the video, didn't he do this?

    | = Lava Wall
    _ = Platform
    o = opponent
    G = Ganon


    and so he kept halting the opponent, hitting them into the lava wall over and over, ending in a utilt.

    But I can't remember the vid. XD but I think that DID happen. But I'll test anyways.

    3) Same exact principle that governs Snake infinite mortar glitch on the Smashville platform. It's extremely rare, hard to replicate, and not really useful. So I'm sorry but I won't test this.
    Give me things, many of them. I'll test the ones I feel 'qualified' to test.

    So anything you need tested, give me a list and I'll test them when I can.
    Oh, yea. lol

    I know what you mean, though, people never get when I'm sarcastic, even if it's ridiculously obvious. XO
    4367 0899 1041 1197

    is my Wii code. Sooo whatever you gave me is wrong.

    To find it, turn on your Wii, and go to like...the mail icon, and it should be somewhere in there. Like in the address book or something. >_>
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