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  • Well, I could send it to you if you would like to have it. I'm just trying to help out as much as possible, and posting matches of mine could help people see things they usually don't do, and make them want to practice those things. :)

    If you want to upload it (only if you really want to), then I have no problem with that... Add me and I'll add you. ;)
    I'll host. Just be warned, I may pull out a plethora of characters today. :)

    Where is that Kirby Chatroom people were talking about in the social thread? We can use it during the matches if you'd like.
    oops, hadn't thought of people not knowing what it was... doh!

    JCGT= Jump Canceled Glide Toss

    Kirby can glide toss. :) You dash, jump, and then cancel the jump with the c-stick or direction + a button. The distance is just about perfect for doing a nanner lock, but I don't know for sure yet because I don't have a partner to test with.
    Crud, I'm not at my house right now! XD

    I'm house sitting at the moment, and I don't have my wii with me. Sorry. I will be home on Sunday though. BTW, what do you think about using JCGT like I suggested in the Kirby BR? Do you think it will work?
    I'd like to, but I'll be at the G.O. tourney right after work tomorrow, so I won't be home all day. Maybe Sunday?
    Hey, Smash is good, but GF comes first. Real people before internetz. That's what I believe at least. :)

    Wifi was horrible to me the first few times I played it, but I'm getting used to it. You will too, I'm sure. You deserved the ganon-win btw. I need to play around with the character and see how he ticks before I try with my Kirby again.

    Actually, I need to leave for class soon, so the timing wasn't too bad. :)

    And my disc drive failed... Sorry about that! I'll try to get it up and running again in a few minutes if you want to keep going. Nice Kirby! :)
    Coffee shops are nice too, though. Have you ever been to Portland, OR? Some of the coffee shops around here just make it easier to relax and keep focused on whatever it is you are doing. If I had the cash, I'd probably make it a hang out spot rather than my room. Having the connection at home is a must, but its nice to get out for internet on occasion too. :)
    I hear you. I only had a dial-up connection until about a year ago... And whats worse was that is was using my college's server, so it was even slower than 56k. It took a half hour for a 7 minute vid to load, lol. The worst part about it was that I could only be online for an hour and a half at a time! D:

    Sorry, I went off on a random tangent! Hope to see you online tomorrow!
    eh it doesn't matter, what I wanted to do was send you a video clip through AIM so if you can download and watch something that's like 35 seconds long on that computer then sure
    come on AIM imo if you have it

    unless you don't have it or you're at school or something >_>
    That sucks! Lucario really that bad. All that is really bad is marth, the rest of diddy's matchups are close to even.
    Don't pick up diddy for marth, against average marth's it isn't hard, but if you play a good marth it is diddy's hardest matchup. Our hardest matchups are marth, luigi, lucario, peach, and olimar I'd say. We have good matchups vs GnW and dedede which most don't. For the most part, diddy has an insane amount of even matchups, which is why I love playing as him, each match is almost purely based on skill. The only truly terrible matchup for diddy is a really good marth (like xisin)
    did you move up here yet? if so let me know so we can hangout. if you want you can call me, my numbers 330-819-4547
    you can do that? i never added his friend code i dont know how to transfer replays, do i just add him then check my replay box or something?
    well im heading down there i cant do anything with my hotel because i need my teacher to tell me how do do something so i can continue
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