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  • Hey, I was told to get in contact with you for information on the smash scene in the Medford Area. Any information would be awesome. Thank you!
    Hi you dont know me but I was Talking to T!mmy and he recommended you so I can ask about any information on the Melee scene in Medford.Thank you
    Hey! I don't know if you rememeber me, but I was with Jaxas(the guy who runs the Salem Smashfests) and Rubrub at the UO Allstars back in June
    Damn, someone who actually knows serious Pokemon terminology! The world just keeps getting more complicated.

    Everyone knows surf is super effective on grass-types.
    it automatically generates and sends you a PM

    also an 'infractions' tab will appear on your profile page [you know, like the friends, contact info, statistics tabs]
    /appears behind you and taps you on the shoulder after you think you've escaped
    I said was about to get exciting, but obviously couldn't since you wanted to end it. :p
    /your smoke ball wears out


    and lol not getting infracted is easy mode imo :p
    Sorry, Akron is in Cleveland, in Ohio. It's where I live.

    Cool, I'll try to watch them when I get a chance.

    Haha, yeah; AZ too came in 17th at Pound actually, and has been doing really well lately. He seems like a player who never stops getting better.
    Yeah, he did **** good that tournament. I was amazed. Especially how, while he lost to him pretty badly in Death pools, he managed to beat Hyro in brackets.
    His training with M2K had visible effects.
    I'm glad I'm finally getting some offline practice again. Ever since I got to Akron, I haven't really gotten much of that. Hopefully I can start improving again and get to the point where Scribble can stop sandbagging me when I play him :(

    AZ had some crazy matches at Pound too. Man, he made Pierce look really bad when they played XD
    When did he play T0mmy?

    Oh man, I want to see that now :D
    You could probably do a right-up about the area of Kirby you're most knowledgeable in (stay away from final cutter and stone though:mad:). Tilts, smashes, the amazing bair and other aerials? Whatever you feel like writing stuff up on; the guide's still barely been started.
    He is, and while he occasionally gets annoyed with that type of ****, he and M2K are friends, so it all works out. Not to mention he's been training with M2K which has made him ridiculously good at the game now. I mean, he got 17th at Pound. He just lost M2K and Vex (And Co 18 in pools), Vex having beat him by having such ridiculously good spacing that it infuriated my friend and he lost his cool, and then the match. I mean, he ***** Vex's D3, then they went to a MK ditto, and that **** was insane. I mean, DJ_Iskascribble (my friend) would throw out an Ftilt, it would just barely miss Vex, who would counter with an Ftilt that would hit due to how MK leans forward during the 1st swing, thus putting his hurtbox a little closer. That pixel-perfect spacing scenario happened like 20 times in the 1st ditto match alone.

    Haha, awesome! Well, that will def. make playing King Beef and AZ a bit easier... (Though in reality, I don't think I can beat those two anyway, or pretty much anyone good in my state XD.)
    It had windows, but they didn't work due to the car having been badly wired apparently. I was literally gagging though during this trip. I'm not exaggerating, it was that bad.

    And all our feet hurt, and I understand a lot of smashers/gam4ers in general ignore hygiene during tournies, but you know, the rest of us kept our shoes on out of respect for others, ESPECIALLY since it wasn't our car, and you know, when the driver is willing to drive you back 8 hours, let you crash at his house for 3 days, THEN drive you 3 more hours away back to your house then go back home, the least you could do is, when he asks you to, put your shoes back on and spare everyone having to choke on your feet smell.

    As for the insta-toss... I actually had heard about it before but never actually knew WHAT it was. I thought it was Z-catching and re-tossing it as soon as you grabbed it. I learned something too :laugh:
    I agree, there isn't all that much to know, but you still know more than a ton of people.

    I can't tell if that's meant to insult me. :'( (jk)
    Not so much one specific thing...but you're one of the more knowledgeable Kirbies, you're good at writing stuff up...yea.
    What did you teach him?

    And yeah, M2K is weird in that depending on his mood he can either be a really nice guy or a total ****.
    Take, for example, the time my friend drove him back from Pound. He hadn't showered that whole weekend and decided to take off his shoes in a cramped car with no windows because his feet hurt. He refused to put them back on. Our trip was ~7 hours long. My nose has never been the same since...

    Really though, he's awkward and self-absorbed, but otherwise a nice guy, despite my original impressions of him.
    Not too bad. Really busy with work though. Sadly, due to that I haven't improved too much, and got wrecked at Pound (that was the first time I'd played in 3 months XD ), but it was fun.
    You've been gone/lurking so long. :'(

    What if I told you there was a community-driven guide that's starting up and that we'd probably epifail without you?
    You're inactive, we miss you, and people are trying to bring your moveset discussion back to life.
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