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  • Nope, but Sunday is Valentine's Day, so I doubt we'll be able to play smash. If we do, it'll have to be earlier in the day.
    For you coming over here... The superbowl game is tommorrow, so the basement will be used up. So im not exactly sure if traveling here will be the best idea because of my stepdad :(

    I may be able to come over.

    What time?
    Yeah, you can tell me when u move it, the closer it is, the better the connection Therefore less laggg
    But im up anytime you are, so hit me up when you wanna brawl
    I hear ya, i hate using my Ice climbers online. i adjust 2 the lag and i suck as them offline...
    But when i play ics offline, i suck as them online, you get what im sayin?
    Oh, that may be why, i mean, i play wifi basically all the time!
    My friends barely play offline with me, and im sick of playin CPUs.
    Cool, ggs, i like wifi, i just hate lagggg.
    Especially when its immense, thats why i SD twice as sonic.
    But ggs! your pretty good, especially falco, nice matches..
    In case you somehow never got or forgot. My name is Jared, and my number is 283 5199.

    There is also a offer to drop you off, because friends dont make friends walk in the rain. >_<
    Hey, is there any possible way that instead of me going to your house, you come to my house at around 6 or so etc?
    i dont know if you'll be able to get ahold of me before saturday but im picking you up from the cbus greyhound at 11:30am saturday right?
    send a PM to brandon telling everything since our house doesnt have internet or phone yet but he'll be at school so he can get it
    Youre back? cool.

    So uh... im at disney world... so i dont think i'll be there very soon :(
    901-1134 thats brandons cell its not gonna be on till around then though
    we're gonna spend friday night in cbus (me and brandon) so we can pick up you and ally without having to do any extra driving.
    please let me know when you get your tickets
    if it is possible please let them be for about 9amish
    no sat and tues
    brawl is sun/mon im not leaving during brawl
    we're not even going to the venue sat (will have to pay spectator fee)
    so we have ALL day sat and ALL day tuesday to get back which is perfect since i keep getting lost everywhere i go
    It's cool... I'll just have to use the gamestop one.


    So how's France?
    Yeah I can understand that. Long trip, time zone changes, jet lag, etc...very easy to get your sleeping schedule messed up.

    No matter how tired I am, there's simply something about moving vehicles that completely prevents me from being able to sleep, no matter how much I try. (Having to take 10 hour over-night greyhound bus rides from Rochester, NY to Indianapolis, IN was absolute torture.)
    Haha, have fun sleeping a ton on your plane! :p

    (I can never sleep on planes/buses/cars/etc..., no matter HOW tired I am.)
    Nuh-uh I don't have your controller...I hope you find it if it's that special to you.

    The only controller I have left is one that has...


    Will you be there tomorrow possibly for me to pick it up? Because I am unsure and possibly even doubtful that I can make it this weekend.
    Are you ever on AIM? I always like talking to other Mario users when I'm bored.
    Yeah, haha! Sorry for sneaking under your nose.

    The problem with going to parma is that I am broke. ;_;

    Usually money just magically comes up out of nowhere, like having some for safekeeping somewhere where i forgot about it months ago, Birthday, MMs in other games, but this time it might be a real problem.
    Also i'm trying to keep it so that no one will pay for me, it sometimes gets embarrassing. :p
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