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  • Lol, I use MK and TL in teams. Kirby is who I choose if my teammate doesn't have kill power.

    See, I'm not amazing either but if I have good chemistry w/ my teammate I can make stuff happen. The offer is on the table and I think it'd be fun teaming w/ someone I post w/ frequently on the Kirbeh boards but if you get a better offer from someone better don't hesitate to take it.
    heeeeey! I found ya on here. I remember ya from the kirby boards.

    its J from the stream ^^
    They aren't mutually exclusive, but it seems like the only cure for being a worthless theorycrafter is playing Brawl (though a certain amount of brawling is required to make the transition).

    Useful contributions? Where?

    I definitely need to make sure all my facts are right :/ saying tech instead of shield isn't a good omen. It's scary that I'm part of the "older generation." After reading a VM about an hour ago (which was not addressed to me, but which I stumbled upon while looking for something I posted), I realized that I really have no place here. (I'd get the blog on SWF, since that's where it belongs, but I keep getting submission errors when I try to post it.) There are definitely people who have less of a role, on the Kirby boards or SWF in general, but that's no excuse for me. I'm going to sleep on it and probably post it tomorrow morning in the KGD.
    That i'll be cool

    One of these day's I might be able to make it to one of your smashfest
    hey, can you tell me where the Akron weeklies thread is? I can't find it, and I would be interested in participating
    Because I'm sort of failing at sleeping, and because I just thought of it...


    Although, at one point, I probably had it too...
    Cmon, what fun is power unless you abuse it? ...Maybe that's why I'm not a mod.

    That sounds sort of complicated, I agree.

    Well, I lied to you, I guess I have this next message. But I assure you, it is my last one! Probably.
    KK. Yea, I won't even bother telling anyone.

    If only I could see what you meant by too complex...you should give me your password or speak to higher-ups about giving me some superpowers ;) .

    This is gonna be my last VM for the night, since I'm tired and have to wake up in 6 hours...probably should've thought that one through lol .
    Thanks for the PMs xD . Did you send me a third one (I saw I had 3 new messages). Because if you did, I didn't get it, since my PM box was full. It's a bit cleared now, though.
    It seems like it'd be easy for you to just duplicate a post and then fill it with your own words, but as to how you put Kewkky's post in between two posts that weren't his, idunno. Can you choose where duplicate posts go...?
    just to laggy...

    Its me, My enternet was fast yesterday

    but today its not that good

    I'll try to hit back when its faster
    Hey, my name is conrad. me and my friend have been looking to start up and/or attend places where we can smash. im looking for support on this issue, so any feed back would be appreciated.
    Lol yea, according to the Mario boards. Go there and it lists you as a Moderator.
    It's browser based chat, just look it up. It's secure, I used it for like, over a year til my aim stopped being gay.
    We should stop playing silly games and just accept our love for each other.

    And by that I mean you should find a way to get on aim, because Falcon's lonely and has trouble masturbating without a friend to talk to.
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