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  • im thinking about letting my place be smash central.use my basement for a 24/7 set-up spot
    I stay on the westside of cleveland. My main objective is to introduce people to the scene. but like my friend said, "there is NO scene for ANYTHING in Cleveland". lol I love the game, and id like there to be a bigger following.
    Ya Itt and King pretty much covered everything. I live a little north of Kent
    Just curious bro, where do you live? Out of the Northeast Ohio crew, I live the far away from them all. I live in Wooster / Lattasburg area.
    in the cleveland area, m2k, shugo and king beef live about 40 mins from cleveland

    same for me, there are about 6-7 other smashers in the areas appraoching mine like ITT said. if you can make it to either ITTS TYM or the tourney im hosting in parma the week after, they would be great starting places to find out where people live and who they are
    Ya sure, there's tons of places in ohio. As far as my region (Northeast Ohio) there's my place in akron that usually has myself, links24, apple, and sometimes brian and lace. There's fromundaman's place (also in akron) that often has smashfests with prince alus, fromundaman and some others. King Yoshi up in Twinsburg holds some small local tournaments and there's about 6-7 other smashers in our area.

    You should consider coming to Test Your Might IX. That's a good start if you want to get into the tournament scene. You don't have to enter the tournament if you don't want to, you can just stop by and get in some friendly matches if you'd like.
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