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  • You mean MW2. My top 3 maps from MW2 are: Afghan, Terminal then Quarry. And Fuel was good? All I've heard about that map is that it's ****ing terrible but at least they fixed that rock glitch. (After 2 years...) And I guess that Activision finally listened to what fourzerotwo said in that one interview with machinima on how he didn't approve of them charging for old maps. Too bad they did that with Strike, Vacant and Crash in MW2 and Cliffside in Black Ops...and Chinatown in CoD4. :mad:

    Get a 360. There, problem solved. :awesome:

    Really...I will admit that the new/fake IW has been doing a pretty good job with supporting MW3...BUT FIX THE ****ING SPAWNS GOD DAMNIT!!!!11!1!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Also, I was having trouble playing MW2/BO1 today. David V on Twitter did acknowledge the problem but nothing from IW about that...
    Are you ready for 'Terminal' (from MW2) to be released for MW3 on the 17th (Elite members) and 18th??? (non-Elite)

    I know I am!!!

    Oh wait, you're on the PS3. :c (You prolly have to wait 30 days to get it.)
    How you been lately btw?

    True. They need to buff all of the other weapons IMO to make them more viable. I mean, why use the M16 if the ACR is better than it in every single gun category? You know? The MP9 shouldn't even be a secondary weapon IMO, too OP IMO.

    Yeah but at least the games would continue to be updated/patched and supported. Then the community would have a better image of you. =/

    They need to buff scav in MW3 to resupply claymores and stuns/flashes so I can abuse recon even more. :troll:

    Uh, that game looks cool I guess. I'm looking forward to Halo 4, Gears of War: Judgement and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. You?
    I accepted your friend request in case you hadn't noticed. If I don't respond to your IM(s), it means I'm busy or Skype is being gay as usual and ****ing everything up. Skype sucks.

    MW3 has the least amount of weapon variety IMO...

    In terms of patching, they've done a pretty good job IMO. Despite them claiming "the other games we've made in the past didn't have security built from the ground up." Um...okay. Just release full TUs and get them certified by Microsoft/Sony you lazy SOBs!!! (FIX COD4 BTW GOD DAMNIT!!!)

    IMO, make the MW3 M16 as good/OP as the CoD4 M16. :awesome:

    What did you think of this year's E3 conferences? IMO: Nintendo > MS > Sony
    Y U NO ADD ME YET!?!?!?!??! D:

    How are the 1v1/2v2 and 3v3 playlists? I bet people camp and head glitch with their silenced GAYCRs, amirite??? :smirk:

    And the M16 has been out-classed since MW2 lol. (FAMAS > M16) I only play Dom in MW2 cause it allows me to get more kills. Really? Randoms love to triple cap and spawn flip the other team...:mad: (They fixed sitrep, no?)

    They'll never nerf Assassin, I'm almost positive that the fake IW is Ubisoft in disguise, cause they make the Assassin Creed games. :smirk:
    Heh heh, I guess time flies when you're having fun?

    Basically, my time on this site is almost over. Yeah, you should also add me on Skype. :smirk:

    I actually recently got back in MW3 and the game has been replaced with "****ing terrible" to "tolerable" now. I did get blop knifed yesterday and a lot of 10th tryhard prestigers camp with their silenced type 95s ADSing for 50 hours in some random corner. :mad: (The spawns are better, I don't see a killception nearly AS OFTEN as I used to and lag comp seems better?) Btw, I use the fearcrads class: silenced ACR w/extendos. Marksman is soooooo good btw.

    I got it, thanks.
    (This is me replying to your other VM)

    Yeah, I know. I stopped posting in the Light House back in early March. What of it? I'll be taking my leave from this site in 3 weeks so I'm pretty happy. =)

    I've been good, been busy w/ Mass Effect 3 and Minecraft on my 360. (I sent you a msg about this on the PS3.)
    Yeah, I got it for $30 from walmart.ca and the game has only been out for 1.5 months lol. The ending must be THAT bad, eh??? :mad:

    Tell me about it, I was literally running around hoping that people would throw frags at me. Playing demo along w/ randoms is pretty frustrating. Tac mask is a ***** cause flash bangs and nova gas takes like 50 hours to throw but thank god I played on FR and NT half of the time for those. :awesome:

    Sounds good. :)
    Playing Mass Effect 3, CoD4 and Black Ops. I recently got flak jacket pro (UGH!) and tac mask pro yesterday. (DOUBLE UGH!!!)

    Don't forget to reply to my other VMs!
    Not a problem, take your time.

    He (fourzerotwo) wanted to give us free maps but I don't think Activision/PR liked that. :(

    Maybe he'll work for Respawn? :troll:
    Thanks for not supporting your older games, guys!

    It's not like people still play 'em! CoD4 on the 360 - A few thousand / MW2 on the 360 - About 50,000
    @fourzerotwo Hey, I'm sure you saw the thousands of tweets about fixing cod 4/5 , do you have a response? thanks :)

    @ProSyndicate COD4 patch would do nothing, the hackers would simply bypass the update. Security needs to be built in from start (like MW3).

    **** YOU ROBERT BOWLING, INFINITY WARD AND ACTIVISION! Before I started playing CoD I've never been treated this badly before...THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME!
    Okay, this is me replying to all of your previous VMs:

    Let me guess...you were playing MW3?

    CoD series in general:

    - Improve the in-game host migration (Your health should NOT recover during this.)
    - If you dashboard too much, your stats should reset
    - You should be penalized if you leave too many games in a short time frame.
    - You should be able to put maps which you hate on an "avoid list" or something
    - Stop caring about the casual gamers, focus on the hardcore, WE BUILT YOUR REPUTATION!!!
    - Allow players to restock ammo from weapons on the ground EVEN IF IT HAS DIFFERENT ATTACHMENTS!!! Same for unused special and regular nades.
    - "Invite player to game party" option so I don't gotta back out of lobbies full of scrubs

    My thoughts on your thoughts: The reason why I want them to remove the Javelin is cause I hate it when someone on the other team fires one up into the fire randomly with DC and it's *ALMOST* like a PM. =/
    - 1v1s in SnD shouldn't count. Stops people from camping at the end and not defusing the bombs.

    I want them to remove the riot shield because this is a shooter, not a "hide behind a shield like a *****" game. :mad: (It also needs to be buffed, I've gotten shot and knifed through my shield so many times.)

    Yeah, they need to have those like they do in the Halo series. "OP" guns/perks are always gonna exist, unless they make each gun the same stats but that'd be boring.


    - Make it so air strikes cannot kill you while inside buildings, like I've died several times even tho I'm hiding in a building but it still manages to clip me. I'm not even near any windows or the corners either. =/
    - Kill streaks should still be available if you've skipped over them (I've lost many air strikes due to me killing too many people too quickly)
    - Add the new gametypes (i.e. KC, gun game etc.)


    - Remove the HBS and thermal attachments for guns
    - Remove the tact knife

    Thoughts: I hate it when some scrub or 10th prestidger shoots down all my air support and ends up going like 1-40. It's ****ing annoying to have my harriers shot down in 5 seconds. x_x


    Black Ops:

    - Remove the RC-XD
    - Make UAVs/CUAVs easier to shoot down WITH GUNS
    - Remove the silencer attachment from the SPAS, shotguns are supposed to be loud


    - Fix the KS glitch. You should be able to use all of them.
    - Make players go out and get the tags in KC
    - Give the attack heli two sets of flares
    - Get rid of support/specialist.
    - No spawn protection from air support.
    - Buff the repear, give it more flares
    - Nerf the recon drone


    - Sounds good to me.
    - Agreed.
    - Agreed.

    I don't atm, I use my brother's. I'll find his FC tomorrow.
    ( Please note that none of these are in order and some may contradict each other: )

    CoD series in general:

    - Release a new CoD game EVERY TWO (2) years in order to allow more polish and Q&A testing
    - Have both an internal and external (public) beta several months in advance
    - Rely more on hot-fix patches/playlist updates than full blown patches to speed up the process
    - Invest in dedicated servers
    - Allow players to walk/run through each other
    - Remove riot shields
    - Patch and allow a "theatre mode" in CoD4/WaW and MW2
    - Allow split-screen online MP for CoD4/WaW/MW2
    - Allow 2-4 player co-op in the SP
    - Allow players to create their own maps to play in private games
    - Allow players to upload/render full gameplays and upload them to their YT accounts/channels
    - Remove the javelin
    - Remove panic knifing (If you get shot, you shouldn't be able to knife.)
    - Don't allow akimbo users to knife
    - Remove akimbo/dual wield from the games
    - Secondaries should only be pistols (USP .45, M9, deagle etc. NO MACHINE PISTOLS!)
    - Remove QSing (Snipers shouldn't be able to OHKO you unless the scope in for 1.5 seconds and it has to hit your upper body)
    - Throwing knives/tomahawks should only kill if they hit a vital body part, not your toes or pinkie...
    - All DLC/map packs should be free to reward customers/players
    - Re-introduce SP/Jugg/stealth perk in the same perk tier


    - Patch the ****ing game to get rid of the ****ing hackers :mad:
    - Remove last stand
    - Buff LMGs


    - Nerf grenade launchers/explosives in general
    - Nerf/remove OMA
    - Remove the DC perk
    - Remove death streaks
    - Fix the other glitches (i.e. silenced weapons glitches etc.)
    - Remove last stand
    - Grenades SHOULD NOT roll towards you
    - Make air support harder to shoot down

    Black Ops:

    - Nerf ghost
    - Remove second chance
    - Take Crisis and shove it up their ***
    - Fix the ****ing spawns
    - Nerf the AK74U and G11
    - Fix the hit detection
    - Remove wanted pro


    - Nerf assassin (move blind eye to the same perk tier)
    - Fix the ****ing spawns
    - Fix the hit detection
    - Make air support harder to shoot down
    - Nerf the striker/FMGs
    - Nerf snipers
    - Remove QSing
    - Introduce the "snipers only" playlist which they PROMISED us
    - Improve theatre mode (it sucks in MW3)
    - Remove death streaks
    - Make good maps
    - Fix the god mode glitch
    - Buff stun nades (throw faster)
    - Get rid of CoD Elite

    I'm prolly forgetting some stuff but here you go.
    I have yet to get a M.O.A.B. (It also doesn't help that I haven't played MW3 since January.) :awesome:

    Juggs is good for making snipers rage tho. :troll:

    And I'll start typing it out now.
    He should have quit his job at IW and joined Respawn when he had the chance. (I'm assuming he was offered a position? Maybe not?) And I had a dream a few nights ago where I was the new CEO of Activision and I single hadily fixed/saved the CoD series. (i.e. Devoting some people to patch CoD4 and MW2. etc.) :( (A man can dream, eh?)

    Mercenary is legit, no full parties of try hards. **** stealth perks, barely anyone used UAV jammer in CoD4/WaW cause SP ruled all.

    I should, maybe I will one of these days.

    And I've been thinking of sending you a list of all the improvements/fixes which I'd make to all of the CoD games. Would something like this interest you? (It'd be pretty in-depth.)
    I have faith in Black Ops 2/Treyarch's next CoD game, I know that game will be supported with tons of patches/hot-fix updates and they'll actually patch important stuff, instead of minor stuff. *coughIWcough* :glare:

    I don't hate fourzerotwo btw, he's the scape goat for Activision/Infinity Ward. He's just doing his job.

    WHY DON'T HAVE THEY HAVE TDM EXPRESS IN MW3?!?!?!?!?!?1?1?!?!?/!?! :mad:

    Sounds good. :)

    I've only played two FF games before. (Pretty sure I've mentioned this to you before.)

    I'm in no rush, I still have a while to go. (2nd playthorugh atm.)
    Yeah, you're right. MW3 isn't bad. IT'S ****ING HORRIBLE!!! :laugh:

    A few? More like OVER 9,000 BAD THINGS!!!! :awesome:

    What ever happened to that "sniper only" playlist which fourzerotwo promised? Oh wai-

    Sounds like fun, eh? You should come visit me IMO. :smirk:

    I heard that a lot of people hated FFXIII.

    Nah, don't have the game yet. Still playing ME2, won't get ME3 for 3-4 months when it's cheaper.
    Why do you keep on torturing yourself? D:

    It's not like QSing takes any skill, dat auto-aim. :smirk:

    You got any other plans for this week?

    What's your opinion on the new FF games?
    I hope they feel bad, cause they should.

    It's been almost 2 months since I last played MW3, life is good!

    They want to be ballerinas in real life, don't deny them their wish! :smirk:

    When is reading week for you?

    You play the new ones? XIII and XIII-2?
    It's like opening a restaurant and not buying more groceries after the first month. :smirk:



    I haven't played MW3 for the past 1.5 months. :awesome:

    Nah, they won't. :c

    I love having ballerina snipers on my team who go 1-45! :mad:

    I hate WoR, he's fat and camps.

    I've been playing a lot of CoD4 lately. Such a great game! There aren't THAT many hackers. :cool:

    Play a new game, I recently got all the DLC for ME2! They won't, they'd rather buff snipers or something like that. :urg:
    When I buy a game, I expect the developer to support it a lot post launch. :glare:

    Do graphics matter to you?

    It was horrible. D:

    Nothing else?

    They need to go back to the simpler times IMO.

    I hope they feel bad for lying to us. :glare:

    I wish, I doubt it tho. :(

    My K/D ratio in MW3 is 1.81, I can't get a 2.00 one cause of death streaks, assassin, bad spawns etc. :mad:

    **** Activision, can they stop ruining stuff???

    Nah, Halo is owned by Microsoft. The IP, I mean.

    Sadly, yes. :(

    I use it cause HBS users piss me off. :mad:

    Yeah, tell me about it. I died to a martydrom last night cause a ****ing teammate blocked my way. :mad:


    I have none. xcal is my fav YT CoD commentator. How bout you?

    I don't really care, as long as I have fun. :smirk:

    I'm glad to see that they're trying to compromise/find common ground with both sides in terms of sniping/QSing. UNLIKE SOME COMPANIES!!! :mad:

    I don't consider the current IW to be the "true IW" since most of the good people who made CoD4/MW (lol) left the company back in 2010 due to Activision ****ing everything up. :urg: MW3 isn't the true sequel to MW2 imo.

    I also experienced my first killception in CoD4 on Sunday, I was pretty surprised but it's the 1st killception in my 9600 deaths in CoD4 so we're fine. :smirk:

    Which games are you looking forward to in the future? Me? Bioshock: Infinite, Mass Effect 3 and Halo 4. (I need to play more PS3...)

    Agreed, it's stupid in MW3 how snipers can still OHKO you even tho they're using assassin...cause SP is built into every gun now. It's soooooo dumb IMO. =/

    You ever see that image? "**** you last stand. Final stand, you're okay." :troll:

    Well, there was a patch for CoD4 when I loaded it up on Sunday but it didn't fix the hackers. *sigh*

    fourzerotwo has a negative K/D ratio in MW3 and only has like 10 hours played. :troll:

    SCII sucks cause: They split the game up into 3 parts so $60 x 3, you gotta buy multiple copies per household to play online together, and it's region locked. :urg:

    I wonder what Activision will ruin next?

    The M16 used to be good...back in CoD4. It's decent in MW2 but its overshadowed by the FAMAS, sadly. :(

    I mainly use ninja or sitrep pro.

    I love getting blocked by random polls or furniture! It's the best!

    I hope the Wii U has good online. Ditto.

    lmao i lost. Which montage is your fav?

    Why do people take video games so seriously? D:
    Yeah, I agree. They've been on the uprise over the past few years while it's been the complete opposite for IW. D:

    lol I created that term, it's already caught on among Team SWF members. It should totally play the inception theme song when those happen IMO. :smirk:

    I've played PoP before, the first one on my GCN, and another one on my 360. They're fine, maybe I'll give the Asscreed games a chance one of these days. :) (Too bad they're now yearly releases...)

    And tell me about it, so many games, too little time and/or money. D:

    Why not air support? And yeah, marksmen should. lol I remember when fourzerotwo said that sitrep pro would cancel out dead silence. HA!

    I played CoD4 with some friends on Friday, there are still some hackers but I don't mind that much tbh. I wish they'd patch that game but it's too old and they'd rather "support" MW3. =/

    Vahn is pretty cool, he has a good sense of humor. :p

    I once played Diablo II but I'll stick with the OG Starcraft and Warcraft II BNE, thank you very much! Activision ruined Blizzard with SCII. <---- POS game.

    I guess Activision isn't happy with ruining the GH and CoD series. =/

    I remember abusing the care package marker and infinite care package glitches. :awesome:

    I hate that perk, whenever my radar goes fuzzy, it's shotgun time!

    I love it when randoms block doorways and me from evading grenades. It's the best!

    I miss Nintendo, I hope the Wii U is good so I can go back to them. D:

    Let the bodies hit the floor? ;)

    It's now 67% :troll:
    Tell me about it...

    Treyarch isn't perfect tho. I still want them to nerf the G11 and AK74U.

    Well, don't get me wrong, MW2 sometimes has horrible spawns but at least it's not as common as MW3 where 99.9% of my deaths are due to killceptions. :mad:

    I have yet to play one, they any good?

    Assassin should only protect you from the UAV, air support and no red name should appear when enemies ADS at you. No auto-aim too.

    lol IW patch? Hilarious, so far they've done a pretty ****ty job at fixing MW3, no thanks.

    Activision can go **** themselves.

    iunno, but I do know for a fact that games before MW2 got patched.

    lol I once tried eavesdrop, you have to be pretty close to them for it to actually work. And most people are in a XBL party anyways soooooooo...but it's still better than scrambler. :troll:

    You should be able to run through teammates like in TF2.

    I played teen rated games as a kid, goldeneye 007 on the N64. :smirk:

    Most snipers try to trickshot, and fail. :awesome:

    My rep is currently 68% on XBL. :awesome:
    Okay...time to reply to this huge VM:

    I just don't push my MW2 and Black Ops discs when I put them back into their cases, that seems to work.

    And to think that I used to hate David V, he's cool now in my books.

    The spawns in CoD4 were near perfect IMO, things went down the ****ter in MW2 IMO and they poured acid over our wounds in MW3. >.>

    99.99% of randoms suck, I love it when my teammates go 0-20, 1-19 and 0-40, it's the best! (No assists or spawn flag captures either!)

    Infinity Ward = Ubisoft in disguise, they make the Assassin Creed games. :smirk:

    And I know why they made assassin so OP, it's cause Activision put lead into their water which they drank during the production of MW3 and this lead them to thinking that making the stealth perk invulnerable to these things a good idea!

    They would rather nerf the striker, buff the other shotguns but keep the bad spawns, QSing and not nerfing the akimbo FMG9s. smh

    Oh, it's the same thing in MW3 that it was in Black Ops?

    I feel sorry for the people who spent $50 a year for CoD: Elite (biggest scam in the world)

    And they said "the technology didn't exist back then" yet other games got patches. >.>

    What else would you use in CoD4? Only use dead silence for SnD and steady aim is unnecessary IMO. Martydrom FTW, I've gotten sooooooo many triples from that perk. :awesome:

    I try my hardest not to play with randoms, they love to block doorways and the player collision in MW2/Black Ops/MW3 is HORRIBLE!!!

    You are lucky, no racism/homophobic slurs/sexism for you! I have to pay $50 a year to hear that ****. :(

    And it's funny how people think that QSing takes skill. Gotta abuse that auto aim on consoles, eh? :smirk: (inb4theyedittheir1-180scores)

    How bout those dedicated sniper lobbies? =/

    Thanks! I've been getting a lot of hate mail lately, I always reply with "umadbro?" :awesome:
    Robert Trolling should work for the CIA cause if he's ever captured on duty, he can bluff his way out. :smirk:

    And I got 2 more nukes today, 17 in total. :awesome:
    I camp a lot in CoD so I get quite a few "**** you camper" messages. :troll:

    And people talk on the PS3/PSN? :O (I got one on Friday for spawn tubing their flag on rundown for my harriers, my CG than my nuke.) :troll:

    Snipers are gay, they haven't taken any skill since CoD4/WaW IMO.
    I like the Wii/PS3 game cases better than the 360 ones. Cause Microsoft got cheap (well they claim they wanted to be more "green") and the new game cases are more thin and flimsy now. The middle part (where you put the game disc back into the case) ****s up my games...like MW2 and Black Ops...my Black Ops disc looks like **** in the middle...:mad:

    You need a translator whenever Robert Trolling talks. (Google translate: "**** you last stand!" English: "lol it's still in the SP and survival/spec ops modes and final stand is still in the MP. :troll:)

    Which map?

    HQ is full of try hards tho. SnD is fun if you can clutch it. :p

    Dom is good cause you can usually tell where your enemies will be.

    Assassin is the most OP perk in the entire CoD series but I still think that second chance is the WORST one out there...OMA is OP.

    They should just make assassin users immune to bullets/explosions/knifes etc. :smirk:

    Using assassin in domination is fine, since the announcer doesn't say anything when you're caping a flag. It's good in CTF too.

    Pretty sure they won't port all the MW2 maps over the MW3, inb4theymakethespawnsevenworse (I only have like an hour logged in WaW so I don't know what Cliffsaid looked like...)

    Really? Hope they patch it! Oh wai- :(

    Martydrom is da best cause people often run to your body for ammo. :troll:
    Every second I'm not playing MW3, I can feel my life expectancy going up.
    Don't be silly, Matt! Adding more prestidges is more important than fixing the game's spawns, right? Right? ....right?

    You can expect more CoD games next gen. MW6 and Black Ops 4. :smirk:

    Rust sucks cause enemies literally spawn inside of you, I always leave when it appears in the matchmaking.

    I only like TDM and Dom, I used to play SnD a lot back in CoD4 and HQ is fine with a full party.

    It sucks, don't get it. Run far away from it.

    Nuketown sucks cause the spawns blow and the enemy team often camps in the house. If you don't wear flak jacket on NT, then you're on drugs. inb4everyonerunsghostoneverymap

    Overgrown is the best. For sniping. :awesome: inb4theyintroduceMW2mapsfor$15apiece

    Did you end up picking up CoD4 today btw??? Yeah, it's legit. I mainly use that: M16 w/RDS, stuns, claymores/frag x3, SP, martydrom. :troll:

    Or use my patented (TM) hacker accusations class: P90 w/RDS, stuns, frag x3, jugg, martydrom on Vacant. I've gotten lots of hack threads and rage mail from using that class. :troll:

    They should, put the stealth perk in there too. Jugg to piss off snipers, of course. :troll:
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