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  • Looks like things are looking up for the both of us. :D

    Though I'm not quite sure I'll place well. :p I'm horrible at spacing.
    I have no ride whatsoever. All the big stuff like Gigabits and FL Gaming is all above me. I have been hosting some smashfests up at the clubhouse and library with mediocre turnouts. I get around 10, maybe 12 people per week, but only have 4 setups.

    But my cousin just got a truck, so I'll see if he can drop me off at the next Gigs for about $20.

    Your excuse?
    That's what I was thinking. Still, it looks very cool.

    He sure does. Dr. Hobbes Rx'll be the hottest game come Christmas.
    Is that the box art for Yoshi's Cookie? Or is it in the instructions guide or something?

    That's exactly what the avatar is. It's Hobbes with Doctor Mario gear.
    Thanks. I've never seen the artwork for your avatar, though. It looks official.

    Mine's a Shiba Inu. I'm only using it because my Doctor Hobbes avatar isn't being accepted by SWF. D:
    The Ness boards aren't malicious enough to do that. :(

    Even if they did, FLUDD vs. Ness is 100:0 FLUDD.
    So long as you keep replying. xD

    Yeah, she must be really busy, didn't get your PM, or not online yet.

    I'm now sure what it is. So you're Boss' Employee?
    That's the thing! It's blank! Nobody else can get this same title. It's a custom CUSTOM title. Try it, you won't have a blank title.
    Lol, great choices. Boss is gonna freak.

    I got Camalange and Heartz. And I already did get my custom title. It's blank.
    You PM Azua (Queen Killjoy) with the subject "Prank", and tell her who you'd like to prank. You can do two people every month, iirc. You can only make them pink, though.
    wooow matt
    you have a green name nao lol^^
    how did you get that??
    congrantulations btw
    Sounds good. I still have a lot of fun playing, though. I've gone all Ganon the last few weeks because he's so **** fun. So you know, easy gimps.

    Just message me when you can play.
    Yeah, we do need to play. I usually get rocked, I'm really not good on wi-fi. I've only played Skyler, Xero, and Frank so far.

    I only really win when I go Ness. P: You wanna play a bit tomorrow?
    lmao, checking a few things. Using their own frame data against them n such XD
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