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  • So I played two games of MW3 last night (against my better judgement) and the 1st game was on that ****ty map on overpass. I went 5-5 cause MW3 sucks and I was playing against type 95 ******s. The 2nd game was on hardhat, a teammate stole my kill and then a random red barrel ****ing exploded and killed me. Then I rage quit. I'm officially done with MW3, never playing that POS game again.

    Agreed, I can't wait till Activision milks what's left of the CoD series and is left with barely anything good. :troll:

    Nah, the worst MW2 map is Rust but even so, Rust is better than the majority of MW3 maps. :smirk:

    I wish they didn't add demolition to that playlist...

    I can't beat Hitman 2 on my GCN, there is a glitch in one of the later missions where if you cross this invisible line, the game freezes. I want my ****ing $20 back from when I bought the game like 6 years ago. :mad:

    Black Ops has good maps, except for Crisis and Nuketown. The best map in the entire CoD series is clearly Overgrown from CoD4. :awesome:
    I hear that instead of water boarding prisoners, they make them play MW3 online. :troll:

    Yeah, KC is pretty good. Too bad some people camp like ****ies in that game mode. Head glitching with their type 95s. :mad:

    I already have $60 saved up for Respawn's first game. I hope it's a CoD killer. That would be epic.

    I got 2 more nukes today. The 1st one was on Rundown (spawn tubing their spawn flag) and they shot down my CG at 23 kills, got a claymore kill then I noob tubed the final guy. Then the 2nd one was on Scrap yard and I got it pretty easily. I almost got a 3rd one on Favela but they killed me at 21 kills. :c (15 nukes in total now!)

    Oh yeah, what do you think of the FR 24/7 playlist? It's...okay...I wish it were only TDM/Dom but it includes everything. >.>

    Melee da best.

    I've only played Crystal Chronicles and the one on the GBA where you play as that blue knight, Seth. Meh, not my cup of tea.

    I almost beat that game too btw...till my game glitched up near the end and deleted my save. :c

    I was actually in the CoD4 and W@W btw. CoD4 has actual levels like Halo 3.
    You better not or else I'll make you play MW3. :troll:

    I only like a few things which they introduced in MW3 but the cons heavily outweigh the pros IMO.

    And I think you mean: Treyarch >>>>>>>>>>>> The new IW (The old IW is still cool in my books.) And thanks for stretching out my page. :mad:

    That's cause Black Ops is the easiest CoD game out IMO. And I got another nuke last night, on my first game w/a friend. Dom on Quarry, I called it in when they had 199 points. :troll: (They were leading by 60 points and I got a msg saying "ur wack" after that. Is that a compliment/insult? iunno.) Nukes are easy to get, as I've said before.

    I suck at Brawl, I quit playing Smash back in 2008 cause Brawl sucks IMO. :(

    lol you into FF? I heard FFXIII was bad and the sequel: FFXIII-2 was...better.

    Catching the golden gyrados pissed me off too. Took like 10 ultra balls to catch that ****er. :mad:

    They need to ****ing beta test their games before release IMO. The god mode glitch still isn't fixed LMAO!!! (And CoD4 GOTY is $10 at Gamestop/EBgames! Check the CoD4 thread in the LH!)
    We should brawl someday! I rarely play my Wii these days but I make exceptions to my friends to play. :p

    And you should! ME1 isn't available for the PS3 but ME2 is! You get a comic in-game to make the important decisions in ME1 in the PS3 version of ME2!

    Same! I love the Pokemon series!

    I only rage in Pokemon when I'm trying to catch a ****ing Abra but that ***** keeps on teleporting away so I gotta buy him from the casino. :mad:

    And yeah they did. I only blame Robert Trolling for some ****, he's has to take all the flak, remember that. It's his job. =/
    I love the ballastic vests in MW3 cause they piss off snipers. :troll:

    I've actually never tried the trophy system before, but I know that it's helpful from a video which tmart on YouTube posted. I love using the portal radar in MW3 but it doesn't help when the other enemy team is using assassin. (Well, what else would they use?)

    And I agree, they could have done more but personally? I prefer the old 3-5-7 kill streak loadout from CoD4/W@W.

    It's a good thing there are no babies or baby seals near me when I play MW3 or else I'd headbutt and club 'em. :mad:

    I like the pre-MW3 Infinity Ward, sure they barely supported CoD4/MW2 after release but I've made amends with 'em. **** the new IW, they can go **** themselves.

    I remember when MW2 was being made, all that new crazy **** they added. (I remember when someone on the IW/MW2 forums posted about the nuke kill streak and they thought it was a great idea and added that to the game...) =/

    On the topic of MW2, I got 2 nukes today for a grand total of 12! Nukes are easy to get! :awesome:

    The CoD series needs new game modes, I'm getting tired of TDM/Dom/S&D etc.

    They should implement new ones like Treyarch did in Black Ops. (Well...they were in Counter Strike on the PC but they were new to the CoD series.)

    MW2 pissed me off a lot, I was *this* close to selling my copy once. But I'm glad I resisted the urge to. :urg:

    My highest K/D ratio and W/L ratio is in Black Ops: 3.00 K/D ratio with a 5 W/L ratio cause I only play with a full party of friends. :p

    I am not looking forward to MW4...you know they'll make it...

    I used the SCAR-H for my whole first 80 levels before I prestiged, god I love that weapon! MW2 is full of BS but still fun! MW3 is just full of BS and no fun! MW2 is like a Michael Bay movie. :smirk:

    Do you have a Facebook? I'm not looking forward to mowing the lawn in March. :urg:

    Well, I only get spawn killed SOMETIMES in Black Ops. Nuketown has pretty bad spawns... :mad:
    And here I thought that you were some famous smasher. :p

    I'm currently playing ME2 on my 360. Pretty good game!

    I really only enjoy shooters these days cause my attention span is pretty low. :urg: (Been mainly playing shooters since 2007 when I got my 360.)

    I used to be into RPGs/RTS tho. Ah, the good ol' mostly stress free days of playing video games.

    Nowadays it's:

    "**** THIS GAME!"


    MW3 sucks. ("This is the most balanced CoD game you'll ever play.") LMAO!!!
    It sure makes a lot of sense that an offensive kill streak is in the "support" kill streak load out, eh? smh

    In MW4, there will be a new death streak where if you die 7 times in a row, you re-spawn with the tactical nuke kill streak from MW2. Then it makes your opponent's 360s/PS3s RROD/YLOD and burst into flames and burns down your house, killing your family. It then auto-calls the police and plants fake evidence on you. :troll: (Sorry if I went overboard here, haha.) :p

    I didn't think they could make the stealth perk even more OP, IW just continues to prove me wrong. (And not in a good way.)

    I used to hate Treyarch but they've proved that each game they create, they get better and better. It's the complete opposite for IW tho...I mean...I miss the old IW before Activision ****ed everything up. :urg:

    I'm willing to bet that in 2013, the fake/new IW will create a prequel to MW2 where you star as "Ghost" but I ain't buying it. They're not getting anymore money from me. :smirk:

    I have every pro perk in MW2 except for scrambler and last stand. (lolz)

    **** runners in MW2, this is a FPS, not a first person knifer. :mad:

    We should DEF plan something one day! How far is Toronto from Sudbury btw? And it's pretty cold over here, barely any snow. It's fine, I guess. No real complaints. :)

    I didn't think the spawns in CoD could be worse than MW2, I was wrong. :urg:

    And I love it how it's taken them FOUR ****ING MONTHS to realize that the spawns are ****ed beyond belief in MW3. smh

    Ah, I see. And yup! 99.9% of my posts are in the LH. :p
    Stealth bombers = the no skill multi-kill! Nothing like rewarding bad players with 3-4 easy kills! :bee: (I never used that color blind trick.)

    In MW4, they'll make it so assassin makes you immune to the same stuff in MW3 but also to bullets, knives and explosives! :troll:

    **** Activision and Infinity Ward. Treyarch is okay in my books now.

    Commando is pretty annoying in MW2. :mad:

    We should hang out one day lol. It's only a 2 hour drive from my house. And nah, but I've heard of Sudbury before. How's the weather over there atm?

    Agreed, but it still pisses me off. :mad:

    LOL @ that video btw. Good ol' IW and MW3. :smirk:

    I'm waiting for Activision to run Blizzard into the ground and either close them down or merge them with the company itself. :(

    Btw, are you popular on SWF? I sometimes hear about you around the forums outside of the LH.
    So I played MW3 last night and I could only finish one game before switching game discs, the game is just SO BORING! That, and the other team were camping with assassin in that one 2nd story corner building on Seatown. :mad:

    And I've learned to stop beliving anything they say now...they troll/lie to us on purpose. ("We listen to the community! The community DEF wants quick scoping and death streaks back!" :troll:) smh >.>

    The knife in W@W was as effective as a butter knife, lol. :p

    Have you ever been to where I live btw? (Just curious.)

    And yeah, you're right. I've been playing Black Ops lately and I'm really enjoying the game, today I got wanted pro'd SO bad. :mad:

    Cause Activision are a bunch of cheap mother****ers. Nuff said.
    Imagine if every game out there had death streaks or something similar to it? (i.e. In Monopoly, if you bought 75% of the spaces on the board, the bank would award the losers $1 million to buy you right out!) :smirk:

    I watch 95% of my kill cams in MW3. (And I don't mean that in a positive way...it's cause how ridiculous they all are...) :mad:

    Sure they removed commando as a perk but it's still in the game, just like in blops. :troll:

    One of the best features in MW3 is if you're not in a party and if you kill someone, you can hear them on your headset for a few seconds. :troll: (I remember once I kept on drop shotting this one guy and his mic light up lmao.)

    I actually plan on having a room dedicated to every console/handheld out there one day...gonna be $$$ tho....

    Why should people with good connections be punished? If you have a bad connection, it's your fault for being poor. And Activision ruined Blizzard cause SCII blows and they said it'd cost "billions of dollars for dedicated servers for the CoD series" lmao. (Fine, just have dedicated servers in NA where most of your fan base is.)
    MW3 just rewards bad players and punishes good players. They said that the CoD series is no longer about the "core audience and that they want the casual audience to play too"...I remember when CoD used to take skill and if you went 1-21, YOU DIDN'T GET ANY HELP!!!

    How are death streaks fair btw? It's to "help bad players get better" (their line of thinking) but how about us? When we started in CoD4, we died a lot BUT WE LEARNED HOW TO IMPROVE WITHOUT NEEDING DEATH STREAKS!!!

    95% of my deaths in MW3 are not my fault btw.

    And I love shooting a guy with 20 bullets and having him turn around, spray me down or commando lunge me! :awesome:

    The Type-95 is pretty gay cause it reminds me of the FAMAS from MW2...1 burst = YOU'RE DEAD! I have nothing against the MP7 and ACR tho. The striker is pretty gay and so is the super soaker...I know...double standards...D:

    I'm always in a XBL party when I play CoD, I'd rather not hear racism, sexism and homophobic slurs from randoms. Also, they love to pair me up with the greenies/split screeners when I'm not playing with a full party. :awesome:

    And nah man, I skipped over the SNES...unfortunately...:(

    In CoD4/MW3/Black Ops, 95% of the time I pull host pro. :cool: (Lag compensation is the WORST idea I've ever experienced in a video game...followed by death streaks.) :mad:
    I also played one match of MW3 online last night then I quit cause the game is pretty boring. I also died to lag compensation a few times and wanted pro. Oh, and I also got panic knifed. :awesome:
    Nah, that's not true. I played CoD4 last month and there's barely any hackers. I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of CoD4 one of these days. (But I wouldn't pay over $20-30 for a used copy. Try finding a GOTY edition which comes with the map pack.)

    I've never thrown anything while getting raged at video games, but that's just me. And haha, I also get up and hit the power button on my 360 and storm off. I also play in my room on my bed so I sometimes punch my mattress.

    I remember before I started playing the CoD games that I didn't really get pissed while playing video games. Nowadays, in every match in a CoD game, some of my deaths aren't my fault. :glare:

    It sucks when I sometimes game at night cause I have to keep my voice down or swear in my mind when I die to wanted pro/death streaks/other BS in MW3 cause everyone in my house is sleeping. D:

    I have quite a few video game consoles and handhelds: Sega Genesis, N64, Gamecube, PS1, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Gameboy (the fat one), GBC, GBP, GBA SP, original phat DS, DS Lite, 3DS and the Sega Game Gear. :p

    I also played some Black Ops yesterday, I died to wanted pro SOOOOOOOOOOO many times. :urg:

    How do you usually handle stress when you play video games? I usually swear a lot, grip my controller and mash down on the thumb sticks in a fit of rage. :mad:

    I've never sold a game once I bought it. It's one of my policies. I'd rather keep a bad game then get ripped off.

    And I hear ya bro...I got pretty pissed at blops but after playing MW3, it's a pretty damn good game! I'm kinda rusty but I'm getting back into that game now. MW3 is soooooooooo boring and rage inducing. =/
    Didn't Miyamoto once say "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever."? (There are exceptions tho...like DNF.)

    CoD4 > MW2 > Black Ops > CoD2 > WaW > CoD3 > MW3 IMO. (I have not played the original CoD because I think it's only for the PC? Same thing for those spin-offs last gen like Big Red One.)

    You shouldn't see it bro...just take a nice long break from it like me and come back to it in a few months. You'll regret it since GS likes to rip you off and will prolly only give you like $20 for the game then resell it for $50. =/

    And woah dude, I thought I got pissed while playing CoD but you've just proven to take stress worse than me. :urg:

    Black Ops <333333333
    At this time? No...and I'm fine with their game being released in 2015 (if that is true...) cause it'll give 'em, you know, more time to beta test and ensure that their game is top quality! :bee:

    And I was kidding. :p (Played Black Ops last night w/a full party, we ***** soooooo many noobs. M60 w/big ammo on Nuketown = rapeeeeeeee) xD
    I highly doubt it, I'm backing Respawn now. (All the good ppl from the REAL IW left to form that new company.)

    As I've said before, in Black Ops 2, wanted pro will be worse. You'll spawn, fire bullets into the air and they'll curve/home into your enemies. :awesome:
    I find MW2 to be the most entertaining game in the series. It's like a Michael Bay movie with lots of explosions and shooting. :p

    I also played MW3 for the first time in the past month for 2 hours and all I can say is...the game hasn't changed. I saw quite a few killceptions on Dome and I just stared at them in disbelief. :urg:

    I like Black Ops, haven't played it for a few weeks tho since barely anyone on my friends list plays that game anymore. D:

    MW3 made me lose all faith/hope in the CoD series, unfortunately. :(
    I lost track on how many times I got knifed/tubed at 23/24 kills. :mad: (Most of my deaths now are from panic knifers/runners in MW2...still a massive improvement than getting blown up every 5 seconds, right?)

    I put in MW3 today to watch a friend's replay, he got his first MOAB. I'll never get one, cause I don't like MW3's MP. Never will, it's boring. (And to think I thought Black Ops was boring just last night.)

    I'm on Team Treyarch now. But I'm still not buying Black Ops 2 in November later this year. I'm done with the CoD series.
    I finally got the 10 nukes required for the spinning nuke emblem. All legit, no boosting. Sure, most of 'em were against **** players but whatever lolz. :awesome:

    I got two yesterday, one with my UMP class w/akimbo raffikas. <3 (I'm now trying to unlock the akimbo G18s for teh lulz.)

    I'm approaching 1 month w/o MW3. Black Ops is a great game, too bad you don't have a 360 with the game. :(

    I heard they're going to split up ghost in Black Ops 2 like they did in MW3 but put 'em both in the same perk tier. :awesome:
    For what? And where do you live in Ontario? (Sorry if I've already asked you these questions...I had a pretty bad memory lol) :p

    You got into a hacked lobby? I kinda wanted to get into one when the game was still in it's prime for all the extra custom class slots. D:

    Dude, just play Domination and make a OMA DC noob tube class. Works for me. (And learn some of the spawn tube spots.) :awesome:

    I still have no urge to play MW3 again btw. My blood pressure has been lower for the past three weeks cause of this.

    Assassin is the most OP perk in the entire CoD series, can we both agree on this?
    I usually use CUAV, blackbird and dogs in Black Ops. Ghost can't save you from those kill streaks. :awesome:
    Oh, you're in college, right? (Sorry if I already asked you this...)

    I never owned W@W but I have like an hour logged in it's online MP when I borrowed it from a friend once. Got dogs my first game with the thompson. :awesome:

    I love the ACR in MW2, no idle sway and it has laser sights. And it's...fine in MW3...the idle sway blows so I gotta use the 'focus' thing. The type-95 is so ****ing OP in MW3. So are the snipers.

    And thanks! I still haven't played MW3's MP for the past 3 weeks. Never been better!

    And I currently have 8/10 nukes in MW2 for the spinning nuke emblem. I've lost track on how many times I've been buzz killed at 23/24 kills...:mad:
    You should DEF take some photos of that stuff, I'd love to see 'em! :)

    I wish they'd go back to the basics. (Like in CoD4, man I love me some CoD4!)

    Yeah, I used to be a IW fanboy but I like Treyarch better now...even tho they made CoD3 and W@W...

    I like the ACR better in MW2, no idle sway and it has laser sights. :cool:

    I mainly just use UAV, CP and PM in MW3 nowadays. More points, but I'm already level 80 now. :p

    I hate RC-XDs, I've lost track on how many times I've died to one and I was one kill away from getting a blackbird...:mad:
    Mario stuff? You mean like a Mario Kart t-shirt?

    And yeah man, remember when CoD actually took skill? Now all you need to do is die 6 times in a row and you're practically guaranteed a kill. :urg:

    Employee 1: Why don't we make the stealth perk EVEN more powerful? Like, make it invulnerable to CUAVs and EMPs!

    Employee 2: Get this man a raise!
    Nice! I bought a MW3 t-shirt today. The next time I'm free, I'll be sure to take a photo of it and link you! I'm always looking to expand my video game related clothing. Only have a few t-shirts. (i.e. Halo 3, Halo: Reach, NES controller etc.)

    Haha, you didn't know that? :p
    I'm currently on a break from MW3 till they fix the spawns and the new god mode glitch. :glare:

    And I played the beta, it was horrible.

    Thanks! You too! :)
    The 360 controller was made for shooters. The PS3 controller was not. (The left thumbstick is located at the bottom? Really?)

    Also, I'm finally lvl 80 in MW3. :D
    I actually still prefer the dashboard and 360 controller over the XMB and PS3 controller. :p
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