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  • I have migrated back to the North and am now reppin' dat blue Falco (I was using default the entire summer if you didn't know).

    Blue has more composure and mass amounts of swag.
    I heard you like little boys with micropenises to drink flavoured water and pizza without peperoni on your stomach while drawing 2D characters.
    Mango's Fox is so good it's not even funny. Watched him vs Armada and I almost cried 'cause his Fox is so good.
    That's really unfortunate man, haha. I've been just fine, chilling with a smasher from NC now. You? How's your summer been?
    Double-Edge-Dance. It is his side-b, you change the directions on it right? The third one up creates a spike down. I should link you to a Roy guide, you can learn about his really odd attacks. He pretty much hacks game physics. His up-smash send people down if he tips it on the way up. (I got that you accepted my request :p).
    The majority of my kills came from DED 3> or 3^ (it spikes down, so I got a few of those on him). I never really grabbed against computers because I never needed to, but once i grabbed his Falco I got about 25% in and he couldn't do much, so I should grab more :p. I never play Marth, so it was wierd that I could kill him with Marth at all. I guess he might just be better :(.

    (I added you on Facebook by the way, when you were added to the SSS group).
    Ya, but the M-U is something like 40-60 for Falco, so it's not completely impossible. I think it's just that he is better on a technical level, and I have no clue how to counter it because I have never seen it before :p. I will try and use grabs more, because Roy has good grabs.
    Hey, so I played Lahti and I figured out that the only way I could beat him was with Marth. If I get the chain grab with Roy down I might be able to then, but for now my Roy has to sadly take a back seat :(.
    Yeah, so now I'm gonna try and talk to the other guys who live in Capreol, see what's going on out there and see who wants to join up. I'm going on Facebook right now to talk to them!
    Most of them don't play Melee actually :p. Me, my smash partner and the Falco guy are the only ones who actively play Melee. So most tournaments would be based around Brawl. There is me, you, Lahti, my smash partner and her boyfriend.
    I am pretty good I must say. I have a few people on board for the Sudbury Smash Scene already (SSS from now on ;)). Just wish I had something fun to do... I have been playing Melee since 6 because I have nothing better to do. No one to go see around here, my friends live so far away :(.
    I shall without a doubt ;). The match-up is something 45%-55% Falco at the high-end pro stuff, but once Roy gets Falco into his combos he has him stuck until at least 90%. Roy is just too cool :awesome:. (My big toe is asleep and it feels fun-keh...).

    So how are you, my internet friend (and hopefully in real life friend soon enough!)?
    Ahhh, I wasn't planning on it ;). Some people just get jealous very easily :p. He is gonna have to deal with MY Roy in a few days, and he has been my main for 7 years :p.
    Matt my alias is Lahti not TRLahti for **** sakes! Cam, I'll beat this guys Falco lol (I hope he doesn't use Blue.
    Most of them are in grade 11 (I'm grade 12), so it's not so much that you are old, we are just young ;). It's a good bunch, one guy is a little self-absorbed (doesn't help that he is the best one of us...). It's his Falco that's the problem, need to find a way to beat it.
    So, once the weekend is over, my friends should be back from camp and stuff. When I can talk to them I will let them know that I am making a Sudbury Smash Scene, and have a little help. Most of the guys are really friendly, and just play for fun, so it's a really good crowd (you would be the oldest, just letting you know, then TRLahti, then me.)
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