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  • Uh, well here's the thing: I only plan on buying PS3 exclusives for the console. Right now, I have Uncharted 3 and God of War 3. I don't plan on buying anymore CoD games since I'm sick of the series now, sorry. :c
    That's what she said. :awesome:

    Why don't you have friends on the PSN/PS3? I always play with a full party cause randoms make my blood boil. And good stuff!
    Stop caring so much about your stats! :mad: (Unless your teammates are ****ing idiots, THEN IT'S OKAY!!!)
    I'm just tired of broken promises, IW has been riding the success of CoD4 for far too long. They're dead to me now and made me hate the CoD series. :urg:

    Don't your stats get reset if you dashboard tho?
    MW3 is the last CoD game I am buying. I'm sick/burnt out now on CoD. I only bought MW2/MW3 to see how the CoD4 storyline ends. They refuse to listen to us, the community and change.

    And thanks! I like your new avatar as well! :)

    lol you can dashboard on the PS3?
    Rust? (Does not compute.)

    And I'm gonna start using the super soaker now since everyone has been telling me how OP it is. :troll:

    Uh, I'll let you know when I get a new 360 next week. :glare:
    Really? Seatown is decent IMO, I still prefer the MW2/Black Ops maps over MW3 but that's just me.

    Can you tell me which classes you're currently using?
    'Mission' is probably the worst map in MW3. The team which spawns at the top will dominate unless the other team somehow manages to break through. (Which is not likely.)
    November is when productivity hits an all-time low, MW3 is out tomorrow!!! :awesome:
    Nope, I actually just got home a few hours ago. Went to an interview downtown today and I have a 2nd one with them tomorrow morning. ^^
    Yeah, they are. I get REALLY nervous because all those eyes are staring at you. I actually like it when no one is paying attention. And thanks! Took a lot of work and long hours but it was worth it! :)

    And cool, I have a pair of old X1's which BKPro on SWF sent me. They work like a charm and I can sound***** people in MW2. (Black Ops' sound system sucks.)

    Gonna pre-order MW3 next week and going to the midnight launch in my town. :awesome:
    I had barely any homework to do in my program, just a **** load of assignments and presentations. >.<

    I'm just happy that I graduated with honours. :awesome:

    And you've heard of Sheridan before? o-o (And no worries, 3 years will fly by. They did for me.)
    Good stuff, how you liking the program? How long is it? I went to Sheridan College (Brampton) for Marketing. My program was 3 years in duration.
    They'll probably have a price drop this holiday season, want me to tell you if they do this?
    No, nothing tomorrow. There was something last friday though. Sadly I'm only free on monday. Maybe we could go bug Tyler tomorrow night and go play with him?
    Hey you, we should get together soon and play because I really wanna see how good your Roy is! We should get together sometime very soon, because it would be a lot of fun to play someone new.
    Free enough to beat you in Peach and Roy dittos! Free enough to 4 stock your Marth and 3 stock your Roy!

    You're Matt07 though and the king of smash.
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