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  • In you're About Me it says "Biography- I like SSBM....Thats all." "Interests-Brawl" I lol'd.
    Hey, my name is conrad. me and my friend have been looking to start up and/or attend places where we can smash. im looking for support on this issue, so any feed back would be appreciated.
    hey dude my marth has gotten a lot better i hope to see you at a tournament here soon so i can show you, maybe even give me some tips
    hey you coming tomarro we probly will have the normal amount of people or a lil more but i will run things faster incase some people have plans that night
    I might want to add to that KB that Marth is one of two characters that have a good match up according to marth boards but I would also recommend giving it a shot just dont spend to much time on another character you still need to work on your marth MIKEhaze is quitting and we need another #1 marth to take his spot!
    Yo. I can help you pick up Sheik for the Wario matchup if you want. I sometimes pull my Sheik out of my back pocket against his Wario and take a game off with her. She pressures Wario very well and her u-tilt wrecks his aerial pressure. I can teach you the ins and outs of the matchup if you want. :3
    Im still getting thoughts and my father's approval but I should be able to do it and make a circuit event out of it
    i finished watching match 1

    you had a lot of control (i.e. tipper spacing, addressed later in this post) issues + your patterns were stale (i.e. you did way too many standing ff nairs and fairs to bait airdodges, you would try and tipper nair from the ledge if you could or just nair in general [melee habit lol], and you would try and use fsmash to punish landings). the strategy itself was actually pretty similar to what i use vs. wario but i'm a lot more aggressive in predicting the airdodge + following up even though i like to keep him out of the range.

    imo what you were trying to do was to hit him for chip damage whenever he tried to airdodge in or try to get a grab on you and then occasionally follow up on that so that you would have a higher chance of getting him on it. if that's the strategy you're going to employ then you need to start spacing for the tipper way better. consider that in three fairs you're hitting each time for an extra 2-4%. consider that you hit him for maybe 10 fairs a stock or something. if they're all tippered you're getting somewhere around 40 extra damage a stock. That's a lot. since you're trying to keep him out using your sword, you're going to have to hit him anyways so you need to optimize damage output, considering wario's damage output is similar to yours but his endurance is way higher.

    i understand that untippered moves chain into different moves at all percentages, esp. into dtilt db but since in most cases you're not tippering db and dtilt as part of a chain doesn't tip, you're losing the extra damage. tippered moves similarly put a lot more pressure on opponents, especially against the shield and against their offensive pattern (because they'll get ***** for 10-20 extra percentage points or something).
    yo any tourney's coming up in ohio that arent desperatly too far for the both of us?

    i want to show you my marth
    yo tounrey the 26th melee singles and doubles u in?????? this is kitty lol...u know "the gang"
    Haha no worries. Glad to be able to help.

    I look forward to having you knock me out at TYM VII!
    Always... well, unless you come against me or a Dayton guy. Then I have to curse you and your silly Marth!

    Seriously though, don't I usually cheer you on? (And laugh when you time out on Japes? :laugh: )
    Hey, not sure what's up, but I hope you get through it soon.

    Hope to see you bounce back and decimate at TYM!
    alright sweet second I get home from vaction (OU tomorrow setting up classes and dorms) then i'll be home thursday at 12 ish then 12 + hours later i'll leave to pick you up lol
    alright sounds good we probly wont make formal tounry at OUGA my friends dont get off of work till 4 - 5 ish so i'll be at your house at 6 - 7 and be at ouga 9 - 10?
    suyon wants to come along so thats going to have to be the limit of ppl you can tell one person "maybe" since my friend kristen is a bit unreliable she was suppose to be at TYM PoolPoolz and the last OUGA tounry
    alright I'll c we can make the formal tounry on friday if not its no big deal havn't really used iteams in awhile also suyon (or I) will bring blazblue
    So far its bboy crum a chick friend that we hang out with and me and I should be able to get the big *** van do you know how far OU is from your house I might want to make the tounry friday night (at 8 i think it is)
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