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  • I'll send him a invite. How does he plan to help us, though?

    And I'll get the forum updated.
    Did you get the Rice Beach backgrounds and animations before you left? If not, I'll upload them for you.
    Can you please promote Borack6 and I Moderators on the forum? I'm the only one that is actually doing anything to prevent the insanity
    not exactly sure what to work on at the moment ^^; umm, ill hopefully be getting GM8 full version soon, cuz im also starting my own game, with original characters and everything, but ill see if i can get 3D implemented, cuz i may use that style in mine too, so it shouldn't be that hard to port over
    Been a long while indeed. :)
    Appreciate the link. I must admit, I dropped out on watching the project either because of how inactive it was, or simply because it was going to add characters outside of Nintendo (anime/manga things mainly, a la Smash Flash). Perhaps I've got my games mixed, though. Are you all considering the possibility of including anime characters, or will this strictly be related to the characters who are the soul of Smash?
    Haha yeah sorry, been busy. Work + GF + Moving to a new apartment has been kicking my ***. I probably won't get around to the demo for another week or two unfortunately.
    Why did you guys restart the whole engine? Also, by going on your comment you're the programmer of the game? I never really asked.
    D.MarioX finished Knuckles and Ristar, and Kirby's done for the most part (all that's missing is copy abilities). As for Link's throws, he should probably kick forward + arrow for forward, kick backward for backward, slice upward for up, and a downward stab for down (Brawl's lie-down thing didn't make much sense to me).
    It's a custom map. A Warhammer AoS based on tabletop with all custom skills/skins/etc.

    Sounds good.
    I think a large number of glitches came from the engine itself, so it should hopefully be good this time.

    That being said, I'll try to find what I can. I've been testing for another game recently too, so I am getting a better idea of how most glitches can be found (In fact, one of the glitches I found in the other game, the creator said he couldn't fix, because Blizzard messed it up when they coded Warcraft 3.).
    Awesome, ty very much.

    That being said, I don't think I'll get much time to test it in the coming weeks.
    Oh all righty then. Don't worry, I have had school and work together too, so I know how it can be! Just letting you know you are a big help.
    Ack sorry, I'll try to get in on it when possible.

    Just recently started working 2 jobs, hence why you haven't seen me around as much.
    Definitely glad you started getting on Smashboards. I sent you an invite to our social group about SSBC. It's for anybody working on the game.
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