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  • Okay, why did we start over? Well, we decided that if we wanted to make more characters ad stages, we'd have to do something about the way they were loaded. Game Maker is kinda dumb about loading things. But now, everything is loaded outside the game, so the load time at the beginning is really short. Also, we just wanted to make it even more like the real Smash Bros. games this time - we have grabs now, as well as dash attacks and fast-falling.
    I think once you play the new game you'll understand. ;)
    Suuuuuup Tails?
    Hey good to see ya on the SG. We restarted the whole engine! Can you believe it? In a couple weeks I'll have stuff ironed out so you guys can play around with it.
    When you're done with Bowser Jr., post his sprites as an image on the social group. Don't stress over Peach, though, because we actually stumbled upon a good sheet. Try to be done with Jr. first if you can. I have a pretty important announcement to make on the group.
    We found another one, though... (Mario Party advance style), but I'm still interested in what yours looks like. How's Bowser Jr. going, by the way?
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