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  • heh... yea... I did...
    I know more than him XD

    I'm the only one here that actually knows anything about the MDL0 format
    (out of 2 freakin communities (over 60,000 people))

    does that mean every 1/60,000 people will know something about the MDL0 format >:O

    I've tried asking Kryal, Pharrox, RTB, and others...
    but have gotten no response in almost years

    so if they're not gonna reply,
    I'm officially calling myself the most knowledgable person of the MDL0 format

    srs... one byte in a file, and experts can't tell me what it does >:O
    well, I hope to not be as much of a dousch as them...

    oh yea... MK64n just joined the club a while back...
    he's one of them too...
    dousch >:O
    yeh... I see...
    so I take it then that UDK how the transforms work either -.-

    apparently looking at the code this time isn't working out for me...
    I'd need more of a visual explanation on it >_>

    so you're saying UDK very much at all about the format...
    I can help you learn if you like :)
    forget my last Q XD
    figured that out thanx to BJ and other srcs
    (use the CP register)

    but anyways,
    I do have another Q if you wouldn't mind answering :)
    it involves something a bit more complicated...
    the vector transforms...
    basically, it involves the first index value of a facepoint in a weighted object
    (the vert/normal matrix index)
    but the only thing I need to know is where the value points to...

    I already know what to do with nearly everything else ;)

    and as for your bone adder method,
    you may have already known you would get smacked for it,
    but copying all the data is not the way to go :)

    by chance, do you know what the unk values in the relocation offsets do??
    yo FW :D
    I just wanted to ask if you know anything about MDL0 face points (how to read them)
    you got any info you could pass on??
    thanx :)
    Hey fortwaffles,
    how are you?

    Well, I wanted to ask you if you'd be able to write a Brawl-Box Compatibility reverser to make files with edited models working in their original games?
    This would be awesome :)

    Thank you and kind regards
    What's up? Still workin' on SSBC stuff?
    By the way, you hear we got a new feature - chargeable Smash attacks? Rad, huh?
    You think you could remake it? If you wouldn't mind. I'd love you forever.
    Could you post pics of your Glover PSA on the thread? Also, could you PM me the files please?
    Hi yes I have a question about the roy model I have been able to sucessfully put in the skin and moveset its just that when it goes over marth the model for the hair doesnt exist at all. Is there anyway to fix this? Ive put Partial Size Modifier codes in and I also used your code and basically the hair doesn't exist.
    Are you going to fix the freezes slowly? I'm really really excited you got these done. Roy is one of the many reasons I still play Melee 90% more than Brawl.
    I just checked. So is there any code required? Does the .pac do hair also? Do you have to rename it? @_@

    Can you make a list of instructions, I'll love you for life.
    Where'd you get that icon from? Is that a PSA? If so, link me the thread please.
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