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Aug 27, 2015
This thread will serve as an easy reference for the changes Kirby receives through patches and will be updated over time:


  • Up Air's FAF was reduced from frame 40 to 38
  • Final Cutter's visuals were updated

Other Characters:
  • After copying Pac-Man's Bonus Fruit, Key will no longer be discarded when it is recycled.

  • F-tilt has a FAF was reduced from 28 to 24. .
  • Ftilt has significantly increased BKB.
    • Puts pretty much every character into tumble 30-40% earlier. This also can kill midweights and lighter at ledge around 140%.
  • Aerial Stone now has true super armor on F19-28 of the aerial variation.
    • This is not the same as Stone's damage-based heavy armor.
    • Grounded Stone does not get this buff.
  • Dash Attack has increased damage.
    • The base damage is now 12%/9%/6% (was previously 10%/7%/4%).
  • Dash Attack Hitbox size was increased.
  • Knockback was adjusted to maintain the same launch distance
Other Characters:
  • Buffs
    • Link's Arrows stay on the ground & the air a bit longer so they can be picked up.
    • Rosalina's Luma Shot has a lower FAF.
      • FAF = 35 (was previously 39)
    • Duck Hunt Dog's Trick Shot has lower FAF.
      • FAF = 42 (was previously 46)
  • Nerfs
    • King K. Rool's Blunderbuss vacuum effect can be held for only 2.5 seconds.
      • Was previously 5 seconds. The range is the same, just worded poorly on the notes.
    • Lucario's Aura Sphere Charge has less hitstun.
  • General changes
    • Pac-Man's Bonus Fruit has more time until it disappears after landing the hit.
    • Piranha Plant is released! When Kirby copies its ability, he utilizes the Spike Ball which can be aimed left or right.

  • D-Throw damage has been increased.
    • Base damage was previously 10.2%, now 12%. (in a 1v1 + fresh, that’s 15.1%!
    • The main part of this that got buffed was the multihit kicks. (0.8% -> 1% base damage.)
  • Copy Ability Loss RNG has been improved. The window you can't lose has been increased and the drop rate has been improved.
  • Usmash’s sweetspot lasts longer and the sourspot starts later.
    • Sweetspot: F12-F14 (was previously only F12)
    • Sourspot 1: F15-16 (was previously F13-14)
    • Sourspot 2: F17 (was previously F15-17)
  • N-Air mid air FAF reduced: 63 -> 55
  • N-Air autocancel window adjusted. Starts to autocancel from frame 51 onward. Still can AC from frames 1-4.
  • Final Cutter snaps the ledge earlier. Went from snapping on frame 36 to frame 33.
  • Kirby's Blast Zone detection when he's Inhaled an opponent has changed. To prevent a Kirby killing the opponent first, Kirby interacts with the blast zone first by several units but this is has been changed. Now Kirby interacts with the blast zone 4 units before the opponent does instead of 10.
    • This essentially buffs Kirbycide as now the opponent won't be freed from Kirby's death as early and Kirby has more time for the opponent to mashout and spare him as well.
Other Characters:
  • Buffs:
    • Corrin’s Dragon Fang Shot
      • Extended the duration of an uncharged shot’s lifetime.
    • Donkey Kong’s Giant Punch
      • Increased range
    • Mewtwo’s Shadow Ball
      • Increased knockback
    • Ness’ PK Flash
      • Increased range
    • Piranha Plant’s Ptooie
      • Increased range for the Spike Ball
    • Sheik’s Needles
      • Reduced charge time
    • Wario’s Chomp
      • Made easier to eat projectiles
  • Nerfs:
    • Peach/Daisy’s Toad: Cannot stall multiple times in the air anymore. Only will stall on the first use.
    • Kirby can no longer slide while using Mii Swordfighter's Gale Strike
    • Robin: Reduced Thunder/Elthunder’s power (damage) on shields.
    • Bayonetta/Cloud/Pit/Dark Pit/Dark Samus/Samus/Dr. Mario/Duck Hunt/Greninja/Lucario/Luigi/Mario/Megaman/Mewtwo/Mii Gunner/Mii Swordfighter/Pac-Man/Palutena/Pichu/Pikachu/ROB/Ridley/Rosalina & Luma/Snake/Wii Fit Trainer/Young Link Neutral B's
      • Reduced power (damage) vs shields.
General Changes:
  • Joker has released! When Kirby copies his ability, he uses Joker’s Gun, capable of moving around while shooting, too!
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