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  • :flame:
    The OTL Tournament is suppost to start today, and if I'm not in that, then my mom wants me to go out to dinner with the family because I graduated highschool yesterday. We will Brawl soon though, I promiss you that.

    And just because the thread is closed doesn't mean that no one's thinking about the issue, so I do intend to keep asking those on my list about it. I'm a very adamant person. But I won't be doing much posting on my results unless asked about it, or until the very end.
    The only reason I didn't get done by the time school ended was because I had so much stuff going on... relationship issues, deaths in the family, car accidents, broken ribs, strange illnesses, passing my finals, turning in missed homework, preparing for college, graduation.... my life has gotten really busy. I wasn't expecting to finish any time soon.

    Plus, I wasn't going to ask every new person that voted (the votes have stoped now anyway, so it's not like even if I did, I'd have to count to infinity and back to get all of the results I want). I picked a good cut off date, and saved the number of people that voted at that time. The date itself is from a while back, but there's still plenty of people that I can talk to on it. And it's not like I'm moving mountains, scowering the sky, diving the oceans, and fighting Chuck Norris at the same time. It's really easy. Just copy and paste a message in the person's visitor's board. If they give a dang about it, they'll say something back.

    Thank you for your concern though. And btw, I'm back! Muhahaha!

    As far as current results go, I've done around half of the c's of the proban side (that's as much time as I've had before I got grounded and then my life turned upside down), and the most popular option is actually to temporarily ban him, just to see if it has a chance of making other characters be able to place better (an option I'm actually fine with).
    Seriously? I thought you wanted to me to make the games close. Alright, I'll be at the top of my game next week.
    Yeah, and all that was for naught when you Kirbycide for every kill.

    A'ight, host it.
    Being serious here, you really are a terrible player. That's not meant to offend, but I'll tell you why.

    You. Rely. On. Inhale. I'm dead serious, all you do is dash attack, rock, cutter, and Kirbycide. It's extremely predictable, and you get punished more often than not. Seriously, I'd play more, but I just can't take it. Turn off the suck.
    Are kay.

    Not much has been going on, I've been ****** the Melee smashfests around here. Even though I'm not that good. You?
    I'm telling you in a visitor message to look at that "reversal mechanics" thread and read the complaints of a few people.

    And I guess we're not supposed to complain about it in the thread, because it's serious business. :p

    Also, Final Cutter is good against certain characters when they're offstage trying to recover, and Dash Attack is ok to throw into your mixup every so often.

    Both of these moves are better online than they are offline, however.
    You can just randomly run at someone from close range and Dash Attack, and with wifi's input lag it's hard to shield it in time if it's fairly unpredictable.
    ☆ It might be someone else, Asdioh and I only Brawled a few times offline, and never online. ☆
    I'm back! Dundadunda! Now i'm arguing about the fact that metaknight shouldn't be banned.
    ☆ Who you hear it from? Not many people from the Kirby boards speak of me since I'm the most underrated Kirby main of the boards. T_T ☆

    ☆ Also, it's easy for me to show people by fighting them than to tell. ☆
    I really never saw the good uses for FC. It's predictable, easy to punish, fills Game and Watches bucket, heals Ness and Lucas, etc.

    Oh wow. Not fairrrrrr...
    Rofl, alright. I'm not gonna argue, since your opinion can't be swayed.

    So... get permission to Bawrl during weekdays.
    Yeah. It's just a bad move. :laugh:

    I know. But regardless, it's still not anywhere near as useful as you make it out to be.
    I've been using Kirby a bit longer than you. ^^ No offence meant, but that's just stupid. Stone sucks in every way. It's useful near platforms, and edgeguarding once in a blue moon.

    And... seriously. FC is no threat to anyone.
    Actually, being above your opponent is a bad position for Kirby. Stone stucks.
    It never works, lol. You get punished for it.
    And there's no aerial followups kthx.
    I used Lucas long before Ness, for a good 5 months. I don't use him as much any more, though. Why do you ask?
    Actually, I don't need to aim FLUDD. If I aim it in one precise spot, it works much better. We Marios learn everything we can.

    Also, don't expect too much PK Fire, I never use it when I play seriously. At any rate, I'm kind of looking forward to the matches. I find it hard to believe you've improved enough to beat me, though. In only 2 weeks...
    Oh, nah. That's not much to worry about.
    Actually, that's not my Ness's playstyle. I only play like that because you haven't been able to beat it. You'd be surprised how I play when I'm not trying to just PK Fire you and pull off some stylish comboes.

    If anything, YOU'RE predictable. :laugh: I always know you'll dash attack when you charge at me, so I shield and jab to punish. I always know you'll rock when you're above me, so I shield, then grab. You always FC, so I FLUDD it.

    Come onnnnn.

    Oh, yeah. You can't follow up by getting them in the air. It's a bad move, yo.
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