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  • Man that's so true! Well I can't go after 10 PM.

    ...no it doesn't matter I suppose haha. xD How've you been?

    I dunno, my black chocobo is "smarter" than the gold, but the gold's better at speed, stamina, and whatever else there was. And yeah, as long as the second person is finished, you can end it... but that takes so long in C and B class, and sometimes A.
    dude my gold chocobo is so fast.
    it has like 158 speed and 700 something stamina, and that TEIRO or whatever's black chocobo is faster/more stamina, but I've won every race regardless 8)

    I hate waiting for slow chocobos to finish once I take first place, and they're only halfway done or something.
    last night I had a dream that I tried to get my gold chocobo, but instead I got baby trolls, so I got troll'd or something.

    I was like "ffffuuu"

    it was freaking weird, why would I even dream that?
    so today, I got past the exploding rocket part, leveled up (my characters are around level 60 and i'm in disc 2 lol) got Omnislash, started chocobo breeding and i'm already about to have a gold one, since I have an S-class black and S-class wonderful chocobo ready to breed, and yeah.

    oh i see. I actually just finished the gelnika just now, getting all the items in there is good enough for me.
    Which limit break is the best? Omnislash? Ungarmax? Something else?

    How do you max stats with the source items? I'm sure there's a way to get them aside from the ones you find laying around... somewhere in the gold saucer?
    earth rave or whatever isn't that bad, is it? It's kinda sad, most level 4 limits aren't as good as level 3 ones, like Red 13, Barret, Yuffie, lol. I'm using Tifa/Vincent this time, I used Nanaki/Barret first time.

    I'm playing through FF7 and I named Red XIII "Nanaki"

    I was somewhat disappointed when they discovered his real name was Nanaki, it was not as lulzy as I'd hoped :/
    Nanaki, you currently have the title of "Person with the coolest way of wishing me a happy birthday".
    <3 you.

    At least 80 of those people requested me. I only added like 20 people on my own...
    Try finding a WBRoomer or people from the Workshop in general.

    Also, I'm gonna go to bed. Nite.
    I don't play console shooters, lol. I've been a professional Quake 3-player in my youth, and I'm used to keyboard and mouse for FPS.

    And I dunno how huge your hands must be lmao
    I have a dual shock controller on my PC. I used to use it for the Touhou fighting games, because controller > keyboard. Usually. But I can't use it. I hardly get along with it. I swear I play better with an XBox controller than a dual shock. Hell, I only played Tekken on the XBox controller yet and not the stick and still managed to be rather acceptable.
    I couldn't save my life with the ****ty dual shock crap. Hell I couldn't play Tetris with such a horrible controller.
    I never really played Halo. Though I've joined a clan that, among other things, does. Maybe I'll get interested in it through them.
    Because PS3 sucks, face it finally.

    Also, I do EXPECT the main reason to be able playing games with me online.
    New Afterburner looks amazing, might pick it up.
    Second one I'll definitely wait to see if it's any good.
    Dunno about the loli one.
    I didn't really notice that, but I guess it's because of Hylian getting promoted to Admin and swapping the old brownish avatar with silver.
    So far, every person I recommended got added to the BBR. Continue being awesome, and I might recommend you too at some time, mwahaha.
    Yes, that's it, pretty much.
    And they don't believe you if you correct them. It's ridiculous, lol.
    I'm a bit disappointed in the people of this forum. Their knowledge about characters outside of their main, sometimes even of their main too, is that of early 2009. It's sad.
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