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  • dude, you have no idea how pissed i get when im playing against snake, i hate that mofo more than MK, nothing pisses me off more than a close match till the very end when snake is at 170+ and im at 95-100 and then i get an invisible foot shoved up my *** and die at 110, and the worst part about it is those tilts are guarenteed on the edge which is broken as hell, theyre already easy enough to hit. IMO snake has no right to complain in any MU his tilts and camp game are the great equilizer.:mad::mad:

    and the worst part about it is ppl think snake takes skill which is a joke:laugh:

    brawl+ was cool when i first got it, but the hitstun is waaaaayyy too much for the speed of the characters, im prob gonna just get a bunch of music hacks and color hacks for mine. it makes that game soo much more playable.
    yeh ur venue fee is either waved or lowered from 5 to 2 dollars depending if there is food

    its at buff state

    My friend and I are pretty much to running running it due to a terrible tourney organizer so youll kno its me, i might quit playin brawl 4 good to play more melee by that time tho, but ill be there and ill be happy to play u:)
    haha,girls>games huh?


    yea im going to gauntlet:)
    but im not gona enter singles as ike;(
    probably G&W

    idk about doubles yet
    that's odd o.O

    i would think that every campus would have to have wifi for educational purposes or something lol

    that sucks :(

    so what's good:) ?

    and thanks for subbing lol
    Heheheh. Play Melee,it's pretty good. Also, you should try playing with my friends and I. I doubt you'll find it dull around us.
    thats cool
    i live near the woodside one so im excited for that one

    hope to see ya in one of em
    one in llong island Mineola(i think) july 25

    and another in woodside queens aug 8

    check the tourny listings thread:laugh:
    The only thing I'm really even good at is spacing. My offense isn't that great, and neither is my defense. I don't even know how I'm so high-ranking among my friends to be honest. ^^;
    im in NY til the 11th then 2 weeks in detroit... and for the texture hacks does it matter what version of the Wii menu i have? because i was told some texture hacks won't work on the newest wii menu...
    ok 2 more things... first of all.. when i get back to TX you should add me on wifi so we can play... but that wont be til last week of july... and second i watched one of your replays as ike and how did you get ike to look like that with the blue cape.. like ryko had in the compilation video
    I saw the most recent vids. your pit it awesome. I liked the dtilt spike.

    Hopefully Ill get some new vids and post them so I can actually show you that were not a bunch of scrubbies lol. the next tourney is Aug 1st.
    loli think my ike is standard but alright
    if you like we can brawl,just let me know when you can
    I would play friendlies in it but I can't really take it too serious. There's a lot of stupidity. At least with Brawl+ if anything broken comes up it can be fixed.
    Oh, I'm sorry for not replying. I wasn't on much. Anyway, there aren't many that I knwo of. But I'm close friends with about 11 really good players. Including myself, so about 12.Although I think I'm the worst of all of us ^^;;

    Also, there's one, but I'd rather not post it. It was on about... the second day. You see, I used to play Melee but it was when I was young, and I never learned much about it. I never even used to sheild or step dodge. So after about three years of not playing I picked it up again, and I was clueless, I was absolutely horrible. If we ever do a newer video I'll post that.
    oh lol, wow ima tard we probrobly had that discussion b4, um yeah i think its safe to say were going to have a tourney in august
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