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  • Eh I guess. Don't know who really posses a threat anymore. Before it was just you, Anko and Blaze. But I already beat Anko twice the last time in our game
    (Him: First time I was just testing out my C.Falcon"), then he goes diddy hoping that teh previous match would be null, but yeah, I still won. The biggest issue I had with Blaze was D3, but I still won. But more D3 and snake practice might do me good, especially for my Ike, Pit, Marth and Link.
    Most likely. But it gets to the point in which you need to ask yourself, is it really worth going to. Who is there that poses a challenge to you, because the more pathetic the opponent, the worse you'll become on the long tun
    I'm in no position to go. No cash, no ride, plus someone close to me is going to have surgery this friday and its killing me that I'm 8hrs away so I can't even be there for her
    Dude, try going to UB tomorrow. I want to face you once more with my Ike to see if there's any real improvement. Mind you, I haven't been plaing for a while.
    WEll dude, I might not be going for the PR up here. Once I go back to the city, that's when I'm gonna start thinking big. I may go to some tournies though.
    Well, not sure if it's being hosted since most people are kicked off from campus for break. But best of luck if you do go. Well, I still won none the less. And I'm improving little by little. Especially with my sparring partner pumping up my Pit
    Dude are you still alive?
    I've been winning at Ub in your place. Also I beat Blaze's D3 with my Ike on FD
    Ah, if that's the case, enjoy. I won't be back till late January from intersemester break, so keep me updated
    Dude you left before I could have told ya Congrats for winning the whole thing at UB. Well, atleast you know now not to take my Ike lightly.
    You better be there. First tourney, though I haven't brawled since i got here so I'm afraid that I'm rusty. Well I'm heading out right now
    lol thats a good question, my friend snipeshow and I r realyy the only ones interested in melee but rite now were going to be focusing on school im not even sure if i am able to attend ATOB3 i have work that day. ill try to get off
    When would you guys be up for osme Melee? I have got to start practicing again inbetween college stuff.
    I've been to niagra falls, twice I think. And as far as chicken goes I'm a vegeterian.

    As far as Brawl goes, I'm just about to give up on it after the next tourney. I just don't have the drive for it.
    mad good dude, My friend who gets the smashfests going around is in europe right now so we'll probs be playin in a few weeks, too bad u didnt come earlier, junior year, gotta work my *** off lol, regardless I'm not gonna hype you for like 6 months then not make time to play u lol. hopefully my friends and I we'll give you enough challenge. u probs beat me but i donno bout the kirby player and the Snake/IC/Kirby player.
    Couldn't have been better. Well, the other time was bettter cause my mom gave me cash to order pizza for breakfast xD
    Phantom WIngs is the guy who develops most of the codes and hacks that we use today for brawl. Sorry for any typos, me and my friends brawled all night.
    I'm just content using my two characters, though I wish the roster would be more switched up. With the new Phantom Wings codes being released would make things ratehr convinient.
    Pit is a pretty good character, but what I dislike is that more than half the cast outranges him in terms of melee moves.

    TL looks good too, most Marth mains side him also. But he just isn't what I'd like to use, dunno why.
    I love pit, probs my fav characters in brawl. but the only real advantage of playing him is hes good against big characters. pits my man for playing against the big ppl, DDD, DK, Ike, and Snake but he just sucks against the smalls,

    I might pick TL up he seems kinda cool
    I just stick to regular Brawl and deal with what I can. At least the music and ttexture hacks makes the game more playable. Especially with the songs I put in my game.

    I admit, Snake is a tough character for me to play against. But try picking him up for yourself for a while, at least in that way you'll know what the enemy is capable of so you can find the best way to counter attack. It's harder for me since I'm more headstrong. Heck I'm like one of the few Pits out there that throw myself into the fray.
    Well there's no reason why you can't play both. I understand Brawl is kinda...eh but I'm starting to enjoy it a bit more with my texture and music hacks
    October 3? A Saturday, I should probably be able to make it. It's being held at Buffalo State College right? Do I have to pay venue fee if it's on my campus x_x and would I get a discount if I brought my wii?
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