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  • dude just let me know anytime your available to play and where send me a text or call I just want to show u there are more good players out there than just who you speak of.
    hi there kozi my name is tigerboymac aka tony i play sf4 but i know a few brawl players in buffalo that im pretty sure are the best in the town. hit me up 716-381-2982 I want all the best players in buffalo to join forces and take over. text or call anytime
    hmm? theres tons of GameStops around the area. dont worry about it.
    were probs gonna have anouther tourney late septemert or early october
    Why must you torment me so. August first, I would still be in the city, unless I hide in my friend's car going to buffalo tomorrow.
    Its natural to forget, but I just hope I can make it to that one. I'm longing for a brawl, especially against different people, if I don't, then my growth was stunted.
    Um, not really. I'm coming up the 20th...of august. Think there might be anything that late in the summer?
    oh cool! theres going to be a tourney sometime in june or early july so now you can attend it.

    i dont have an AiB account but i can definitly make 1
    Ya, me and my friends have been practicing alot more recently and might have a chance to steal 1st
    Hmm...don't look that bad considering the time. I just want to see how much they've improved since then, and I wonder how much I'll change by then too.
    Now that's a shame. Even in friendlies? Because me and my friends are a bit more laid back when playing so we pretty much do anything. Also, we try to implement new tactics into our game and experiment on what works and what doesn't. If you rely on the same tactics over and over, you're going to get read and then that'll lead you to your downfall.

    And besides, everything in moderation.

    Edit: Are there any videos of the Brawlers up there up? And what characters do they use? How fast is the pace of most matches?
    That's good to hear. Me and some friends that are going up there were kind of worried that we wouldn't find any competition.
    I live in Wheatfield, Like 5 mins from Sarpoint School. (Townline Road if you know where that is)
    When is the tourney in buffalo? This saturday? I wish I could come, but I have strict parents, so it's difficult to really go anywhere, + I'm short on time this weekend with some work. If I'm able to make it though (which is pretty unlikely at the moment), I'll definitely come!

    Asking some of the college kids with more free time on weekends like Xiivi or ownasaurus or something could probably help =)
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