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  • whats up, missed you at the last student union smash/SF4 thing. Joey, SSJ and I might come to the next one.
    Olimar: Kozimoto(KM)
    Snake: JFury, xI Nitro I
    Kirby: Jinjo
    Diddy: Snipeshow Joe
    Ike: xI Nitro I
    Donkey Kong: JFury, Kishire
    Pit: Kozimoto(KM), xI Nitro I
    Ice Climbers: xI Nitro I
    Falco: Arrow
    Ganon: Kozimoto(KM)
    Marth: Marth126(Obama), Spade1
    Game & Watch: GotLucky(TGIT)
    Meta Knight: Asylum
    wait did you go to the tournament on 8/1

    and about the best brawl players i can make you a list of ppl from buffalo.
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