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Cloud XV
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  • We basically would have a group of good smashers who we could assemble for crew battles, and stuff. It's just like.... uhm.... wow... I haven't really thought of this much. ^^; I guess for crew battles, to be able to train off each other and get better, and shiz.... plus we get to get cool banners. 8D
    Questionie!!! Since Rochester has one I was wondering if you would like to join a Buffalo smash group... but we lik.... need people first. ^^;

    Also, we need to get together and play some time. My Falco's gotten better... I guess. ^^;
    cloud if ur friends and u r playin melee. message me. i have another player that might be interested in playing too
    Yo cloud obama told me that we are actually crew battling sometime this week. lol ill try to up on my melee so your not forced to play brawl all day.
    yah for crew battle we would probably have, marth126, me, Jfury, Kozimoto, Jinjo, and Nitro, so i dont think 8 v 8
    oh cool! basically the fasted way to get to the Starpoint from getzville is to go down cambell blvd so your not that far off. it cant be more than a 15 minute drive.
    hey, obama and I both go to Williamsville North, your at Starpoint. lol we both are spartans. I understand the Starpoint district is friggen huge so i don't know how close you live to the Getzville/Williamsville area.......:ohwell:
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