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soma ghost
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  • Haha, it's not that trigger happy anymore, I've been working on mypillaring and everything, my Falco got a lot smoother, faster, and everything. And my Sheik doesn't SD every time I try to edgeguard. I main Falco, with Fox as my secondary, and Sheik/Marth depending on matchups. And Pikachu for low tiers! =D

    Also, I would like to get friendlies in as well, and I've got you if you need a controller that works.
    Yah I'll probably be switching it up between Link, Mario, Dr. Mario, and maybe some samus. You still rockin that trigger happy space bird?lol I'll try to get there early enough for friendlies. Last 2 tourneys I have gone to singles started the second I got there.
    You switched Mario to your main now? Come to think of it, I've only faced your Link, I look forward to it at Rochester.
    Thanks. Look forward to playing you too. Keep it up with those lazers. lol
    I'm telling you start using the c-stick, and you'll really appreciate the advantages. no more accidental fast falls while meteor smashing out of an edge hog.
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