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El Nino
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  • Your ability to show people in agonizing clarity how wrong they are while remaining completely tactful still blows my mind.

    I've probably sent like a billion VMs over the years with this exact sentiment before promptly forgetting, but, well. Here we are again.
    True, but school is infinitely less fun than than Smashboards, and everything else one can do in life. :(
    I'm just glad it's quiet since I'm preparing to go back to class and am not on as much :urg:
    Hey man, sorry I haven't been around. I'm pretty much done with my scores, so PM me yours when you get a chance. I want to post the results on September 1st.
    Thanks, this is appreciated. I'll send this to him immediately. And you should sleep earlier, being up at 2 AM when you're working the next day is suicide.
    Hey Nino, would you happen to know the average fees of a counselor in Brooklyn, NY? I've been chatting with a guy that needs it.
    It would suck if the site closes down. You've got years of memory in that. And I was starting to store it all too.
    Well, I used to have social skills. Now they're gone, I'm awkward when I talk to strangers. I used to work as a vendor back in the days and had no difficulty speaking to customers and chitchatting with them. But now it's basically impossible. I speak in a monotone voice and it takes me a lot of effort to just try and respond with more than 1 liners.
    I agree with you on his case.

    Optimism can be sort of easy until that little voice comes back to you and says some pretty grim stuff. I had a nice session with my counselor, I quite like her. She listened and didn't make assumptions, didn't point out the obvious and I felt that she was there to help me.

    My first step is to sign up for a public activity and gain new friends. This is gonna be hard.
    Smashboard's userblog will be freed from his delusions, that's a good thing I guess. I didn't expect you to have banned him either, don't worry about that. I know that you don't usually act out of feelings.

    Forcefeeding yourself optimism, eh? How do you do that? I'm seeing a counselor tomorrow (or, well, today, at 2 PM)
    Hey, I've checked out the UB section. It appears that you had an argument with the delusional shadow entity too, didn't you? And he was banned? That's pretty sweet.

    How are you?
    Depending on what time, I'd be there too. I called sick despite the fact that it's only my 4th day at my new job, I barely give a **** (read: barely). We've got free healthcare over here, so I could go and get diagnosed but I am choking, again. I'll get dressed up and do my best to walk in.
    Hello Nino. How's it going?

    I must've hit my limit, I'm going to see a counselor next week, on my next day off. It's to the point that I feel like quitting my new (and comfortable) job already. Not because I dislike it but because I feel like quitting life, it's horrible.

    Get back at me, see ya.
    Missed it, been babysitting all day and fell asleep. I finish work at 5 tomorrow, what time in the evening are you gonna be on?
    Since you seem to be checking out this place more often than AIM and livejournal, I would like to speak to you when you are available... On AIM preferably.
    I remember being thrilled by the idea of you becoming a DL back then. But really, it's up to you to decide whether you still got time for this or not, not me. If you enjoy it, keep at it.
    Hey there. I usually don't, but sometimes Super Sonic links me to blogs and stuff. So I check them out. Still a discussion leader?
    Are you sure it wasn't the ghost of Osama bin Laden?
    Osama was NOT a brony how dare you insult the New World Order by comparing us to a horrible terroriest. The goals of the bronies is to take over the world and with our new pony over lords start world peace. Not to cause terror, unless by terror you mean friendship and magic.
    By the way, what do you do for a living? You strike me as a political analyst or something.
    What's up you ask? Trying to win the upcoming public prosecutor election, manage my hotel, and on top of it all, take care of my little boy.

    Jeez, you're one of the only cool people in the blogs these days.
    Heyo, I love your debate hall post hahaha.

    That's me in a nutshell. I'm on a lacrosse team and I live with 3 straight roomates... all of whom know nothing about me.
    The team in the locker room and the roomies in my home(we share a bathroom) are content at walking around naked in front of me... because I'm straight after all.

    Despite all of this and the fact that they are good looking men, I feel no sexual attraction to them. I'm totally desensitized at this point. I can literally look at them and not feel aroused at all.

    Also from my talks with other men in my position, this lack of arousal is pretty standard for us across the board :p
    That's the thing, I'm not really either of them.

    It's more like you good cop, me vigilante.
    Do you play smash 64 online? I am starting to record almost every match I have online and I plan on putting the videos in a record. I thought as the record is in a web log that it would be fitting to have a few vs matches of me vs the mods of the blogs.
    I realized I was overstepping my bounds when I saw someone else with a disposition to science reading the thread. I then contemplated on whether or not the content I posted could be construed as a red herring. The fact that I've been working so much on serial dilutions and buffers seriously made me think, "No. It's not a buffer. It's not as easy as making a buffer. It's not easy to make appropriate buffers."
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