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  • Hehe thanks. Actually my Viola was pretty ****ty... I guess I was a bit tired. My Leixia was on fire though!

    I like your Pyrrha and Xiba. The former is easy to use though but I see your Pyrrha is not so generic. Your Elysium also surprised, you were actually quite good with her to my surprise. You don't see many people using multi-movesetcharacters (whatever they are called) well!
    Yeah Viola can be a ***** to learn, Leixia is easier but I think my skill is with them is roughly equal now. Is Leixia your (only) main? Or secondary?

    Not that that says much, I still kinda suck at this game. Improving rapidly, but I was definitely better at IV. I WOULD BE BETTER IF MINA WERE IN :mad: Then again I have played IV for waaaaay longer... this game is still new XD. Regardless of this little shortcoming, V is much better than IV though imo. I had high hopes for it but the game has still managed to impress me greatly.
    Yeah it's amazing indeed, we should play sometime! I hate they took out Seung Mina, I think she would have fit very well, but I'm also enjoying dual-maining Leixia and Viola now. I still have much to learn with them though, but it's coming.
    the what.

    dfb+34~!, fb+@3_4, ^bu^@-412, 62+38=100!, 9/1 ??.


    Im guessing:
    d = down, f = forward etc. 1 = left punch, 2 = right punch, 3 = left kick, 4 = right kick. I could solve your combo till that ~d, SS+3 B! FF+3 thingie.
    ggs. You utterly wrecked me though xD. I have a lot of things to learn ;p. Especially Anna's moves and those new combos where they hit you down and launch you back up.
    Ive played Tekken 6. Its SO different from Tekken 5 and Tekken 5 DR. Thank god Anna is still amazing, those new attacks she got are broooken. Im planning on buying it, so lets play online then ;3.

    Oh, and Im in for SC4 too anytime ;p.
    Im definitely going to do that. Im getting a bit sick of Mina anyway. Shes fun, but she has been made so poorly, she gets worse everytime I play with her, and it makes me sad that my Kilik is almost better than my Mina.

    Setsuka is really good, but also really hard to learn, and I like that. Im probably going to dual main her and Mina, if Ill ever play SC4 (Im playing it a lot less).

    But yeah ggs.
    I've no idea how it has taken. I made some costumisations for her on occasions I felt like. I did put some thought in most of them, however I'm not very good at making costumes imo, they end up being mehh (at least in my eyes)... I'm pretty bad at customising anyway xD.

    On a side note, I think I'm going to pick up Setsuka.
    I have Live atm so tell me when you want to play SC ;d

    My GT is GangstahYaaay btw. Stupid gt I know ;p.
    - She has the worst frame data in the game. She is INCREDIBLY slow.
    - Her attack are disadvantaged many times (even on hit!).
    - She doesnt have an up-close game.
    - Her attacks the have the most range are lineair, and her lows are slow and horizontal, so it's not very hard to approach her.

    She's pretty bad, some range here and there simply can't make up for it.
    Nope, I dont. But still, she's kind of the worst character ;_;. Except for Yoda, of course, he's just trash.

    Stupid Namco, she didn't deserve it.
    I play Seung Mi-na... and that's it. XD It's not really smart, as Seung Mi-na is not a very good character (softly put) and still hard to master, but she's a lot of fun @_@.

    I have tried to play Setsuka, and failed miserably, since she's also quite hard. Furthermore I guess I can play Kilik, since he and Mina have some small similarities and Kilik is just hella easy anyway. I don't like him however.

    Now? No, because I dont live atm and you have to practice :p.
    Ahh woops sorry my bad, didn't notice your message D:

    If you have anymore time today I'd be up for some games, haven't Brawled on Wi Fi in quite a while, or brawled with you for that matter xD
    Apologies for not getting back to you.

    I believe you phrased that incorrectly, because depression of others after the suicide and preventing the suicide are two different events in time.
    Unless you want to create a paradoxical situation.
    Suicide, technically speaking, is the ultimate selfish act.

    If you hate yourself, and everything you do, (not referring to you, but the Example Woman in your blog) and decide to end your own life in order to free yourself from the potential psychological 'torture' that one encounters when hating themselves, you are destroying yourself for your own satisfaction.

    Along with that, it is also excessively selfish because of the people, the life, and everything else that you leave behind. People will mourn, and experience depression, in the husband's case, and you will have lost everything you have ever earned. You will, in turn, afflict the people around you.

    Speaking in this woman's case, she leaves behind a life of a job and money, of which many others in the world do not have. A human, as I believe, can never fully and truthfully hate themselves for everything that they are. There is always something within a person that shouts at them not to go, not to commit suicide.

    tl;dr: You leave behind people and life, and in turn, commit the ultimate selfish act.

    No wonder people who do it intentionally are sent to hell.
    I've given up on Brawl too, haha. I only hang around the userblogs nowadays.
    I guess that you're fine then, it's good to know. And yeah, all your blogs ended up being modded by Teran. It was funny.
    Hello there tiger. I was wondering what was up with you, it's been a while.
    Haven't seen any personal blogs of yourself lately, how's it going?
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