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  • i'm registering for pound this week, and katsucon i'm just going to buy a friday pass at the door - and if i have reason to be at katsu over pound on the days they overlap, i'll just buy another day pass.
    you bet i'll be there, i mean it's just over the river from pound on the same weekend, so any time that i'm not at pound i'll definitely be at katsu.
    My little brother is using my tv and Wii to play Zelda Ocarina of Time right now. I'll message you when he's sent to bed.
    I'm in Sova, at college, which is a 5 hour drive away. I can't go to GG5. Sorry, mang. But the stock glitch is easy. Here's how:

    1. select a character you want to play as (Fox)
    2. hit B once
    3. place the icon over the character you want your stock to be (Captain Falcon)
    4. hit L+R+START
    5. get back to the mode you were in

    Enjoy. Also, this only works with specific character combinations. Kirby, Yoshi, and Captain Falcon can't do the stock glitch.
    Falco sux. lawl Want to come over and play from like 12 until 3:30 before you work? If not, we can play Sunday.
    I have to work today, but I won't be working Friday. Just let me know if you are working. You can come over any time, early or late.
    I don't play Melee everyday. If fact, I only ever play Melee when I'm at Smashfests and tournaments.
    I think practicing that game would be a waste of time. If you want to improve your reaction time, get plenty of exercise. There's some science I don't know behind it, but it does work. Also, eat bananas. They have a lot of potassium which is good for your brain. It may improve your reaction time, but more importantly, it will improve your ability to think fast.
    .219 seconds is an ok reaction time for Melee. Mine is .25 seconds, but a friend of mine, who can play very fast, has a reaction time of .19. I'd say .25+ is bad, .2-.25 is ok, .15-.2 is good, and .15- is insane.
    I don't know if that can be a good thing to work on or not, but feel free to practice however you want to. Fox is the fastest for SHFFL'ing, so I think you should learn it with him.
    I'll send a message to you tomorrow on everything I noticed from how you play. Fun meeting you again.
    I think you're doing ok. Here are some things to work on:

    1) Slow down. Brawl is a slow game. Move too quick and you'll either get punished for hasty mistakes, or accidentally kill yourself (which you did a lot of).

    2) DI. I strung too much together that I shouldn't have. React quickly after getting hit and input a direction, preferably away from the opponent, so you don't get comboed often. Also remember Brawl doesn't have much hitstun, so you can quickly airdodge to evade comboes.

    3) Use your shield more.

    4) Always carry a decent amount of Pikmin with Olimar.

    You're doing better and better though. Keep working at it :)
    Yea sorry about that man.. i toldya i'm bad at organizing matches, random stuff comes up but 11pm sounds good. Count on it [:
    Yea i'm going on right now, make sure you have me added, i think i deleted you n_n;
    I'm not really one to plan matches but yea i'm always up for a brawl [;
    You'll just have to catch me online, i might go on in half an hour if you're still on.
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